Honda Days Italy 2000

If you ever want to have a good time in Italy, make sure you hook up with the Valkyrie club in Italy. You will be hard pressed to meet a finer bunch of folks. The fellowship was great, and the Italians really know how to trick out a bike. I have alot more I will say about this trip when I get back from Daytona, but here are some of the pics that I took while I was there. Check out the Italy Chapter of the VRCC HERE.

Here are some of the Valks that were there.

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It's the same everywhere you go, people love to look at the Valkyrie.

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They had a fastest time race when we were there. Guess what bike won.

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And the winner is.

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This is one of the most customized Valkyries I have seen.

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These are my Bro's, They made me feel like a King. Sil and the Sheriff have really put together a great club here in Italy, but there were members there from Austria too. They are all great people, and like most of us, they love to eat.

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These are the guys who took care of this poor lost Valkyrie Rider.

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Here are some more really cool bikes. They have some parts that I have never seen before.

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The highlight for me was riding a Valkyrie Interstate in Italy with all my Bro's. What a great time that was. A big thanks to Sil an the local Honda dealer that cut me loose with that bike. I was going down the road thinking
 "It's good to be me :-)"

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I have more pics somewhere, but I'll have to look for them. Here are some of the Shadows and other custom bikes that they had there.

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Like I said, this was a life time experience. I made new friends that will always be in my thoughts. Thanks to all the Valkyrie Brothers and Sisters that this such a special time for me.  F6Rider    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links