Hey Bro, where did we remain!? Yes, on the roads, with lights turned on and regal ride. From the last time the group, our group, has thickened, new friends are came and feeling has improved. We start to have an history. A lot of times we are together for dinner, that we monthly have held, and in the occasion of the ride-in  or scampagnates. But if it is a matter of  history, then it is necessary that someone writes it. Guys, I try .But no! Doesn't joke, I believe that for us is enough some anecdote and a little gossip  on ourselves and on the world motorcycles.


And then the last news…..


On May 28th, it is held close to Milan, the 2nd National Ride-In of the MEGACRUISER FAN CLUB F6-Italy, organized with care by Paul and Silvano. The Ride-In has been organized for also sustaining the IV Day of the Solidarity for the Struggle Against the Leukemia, whose funds have been devolved to varied Hospital Corporate. The share was lower to the expectation because of the adverse forecasts and whether condition. Despite these, the share of our small-big group has been thick and here I want to point-out the very nice friend Luigi, nickname Yellow Frog, true Roman, jointing us  with his aggressive yellow Valkyrie. True biker that with his head wrap, he faces the road without the comfortable windshield. And what strength, the Venetian friends, arrived with their proud person and contemplated trike, calm and imperturbable they round Italy accompanied by the sound of the country music that given off from the powerful HI-FI rig .

Guys, with them you cannot be competed. For them the motto is : everything and more... In all the senses.


What to say about  Poul of Forli? He is simply perfect. He is gone down by the Valhalla of the Valkyries directly to reach Milan, his Valkyrie is made with care, and to my opinion with the sense of taste; beautiful and pugnacious, it results to be the girl designed on the tank, while himself has tattoos on the arms and on the shoulders in the same tonality. Believe me, both Paul and F6 are perfect.... but he is a strong build.


Bro, as I would like to describe all; because we are all a little special, but for the moment I continue with news on the 1st International Valkyrie Ride-In integrated in the Biker's Week, held June 7th yo 13th , organized by Eurowing of Lido degli Estensi on the beach, and  sponsored by our friend Marvin, nickname " Texas " because of his hat.


Hear ye! Valky has come from Moscow, Greece, France, Germany Austria as well as Italy. Friends  from south Italy, and it is no a joke. Bravo! Even if the presences could be higher to the expectation, (again the forecasts meteos were not favorable) but so many Valkyries all together I had never seen before. And what characters. Between so many, we have admired Annette, French girl of Montpellier, to ride his Valkyrie, and with her mini hot pants, brought with great naturalness. Annette is a sexy bomb that has picked the imagination of the bikers. And what to say of the enormous mass of the friend Roky? With his 350 pounds . He is a true mountain and a monstrous strength. Under of him the Valkyrie become a small scooter.


Adriano, nickname " chickenpox " because of the saddle of yellow spots. He has surprised all, coming with a new saddle, a real sculpture from the features of eagle. I have tried to ride on it, and I can say that it has also seemed me comfortable…. But I forgot to specify you that such saddle is totally made of wood!!! Adriano is really unpredictable and now we will must change his nickname…….


I don't go over, I don't want to bore you but a thanks I want to express to Silvano and Paul, that are sqeezed in sponsorizing and  asking only our friendship.


Guys, It has been beautiful to stay all together….and now friends,  engines turned on, lights turned on and ready  for the next adventure.


Italian Valkyrie Group