Valks on Fire

We had four Super Charged Valkyries at the Ride In. So I got to thinking what a great time for some burnout pictures. It started with Dragbars and the LaMonster, soon Aaron and Derrick joined the fun. We left a lot of rubber on the ground but we sure did have a good time doing it.

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MVC-732S.JPG (13029 bytes)  4way burnout 1.JPG (58654 bytes)  4way burnout 2.JPG (11128 bytes)  4way burnout 3.JPG (12678 bytes)

4way burnout 4.JPG (13201 bytes)  4way burnout 5.JPG (60776 bytes)  Aarons burnout trail of rubber 1.JPG (16810 bytes)  Aarons burnout trail of rubber.JPG (61078 bytes)

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