VRCC Ride In
The Last Days

We all were having a great time at the Ride In. What made it even better was the visit from Jamie Elvidge of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine. Most everyone there knew who she was and had read her articles. She is a great writer and a great motorcyclist. She has logged on many miles on many bikes. She did say that her favorite ride was the Valkyrie, and that it was in a class of it's own. She interviewed a few of our members and we can only hope this will show up in one of their articles.

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The Ride In was much like our club structure. We had maps of the area, and we let folks hook up with whoever they wanted to.

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Not all of us made it there without any problems. Seems we had 3 sets of wheel bearings go bad on this trip. My advice to you is never leave home without a set of wheel bearing with you. You may not be able to change them yourself but at least you will have the parts when you get to the shop.

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We were able to raise over $4000.00 for the Rett syndrome Foundation and the Hepatitis Foundation. This was all because of the great folks here at the VRCC who opened up their heart and pocket books for the cause. You would be hard pressed to find a better bunch of folks. The rest of the pictures are of what we did every night while we were there. Lots of fun to be had.

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