Mosa Pics 

  If you don't know Mosa (Tim) you should take the time to meet this guy. He is real bike by any standards, and I mean that in a good way. This guy took off from D.C. to travel coast to coast just to hook up with a few of his Bro's from the VRCC. He talked PIBIT, and Dragbars into joining him on this iron butt. These guys wore out brand new tires on this trip. If you like to drive at 55 don't hook up with these guys. As he will tell you he drives his Valk like he stole it. There are some guys you just know that would do anything for you or anyone else and Mosa is that guy. It is a honor to call him my friend. Here are some shots he took along the way.

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belly flop contest.JPG (62959 bytes)  Black Valk Express in Utah Desert.JPG (62381 bytes)  Checkin out Christian's bike.JPG (62990 bytes)  Christian in Desert.JPG (58833 bytes)

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