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Friday May 06, 2011


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Well, it ain't easy. This is an effort to run a relay across the U.S. and major parts of Canada. I have to thank the members as they are the ones contacting each other and making the plans and getting the deed done. To be part of that effort you need to go to the Who's Riding Thor's Hammer Page. If you haven't done so yet click here to send an e-mail to oZ to have you sent the Private URL of Who's Signed Up Sign-Up to get peoples phone or email in your area and contact them, sort of insert yourself into the effort.

Being that this is a member run event I get most my news from the Message Board for updating this news page. If it is incorrect please let me know. (Click Here to Send  a correction)

July 15
Here is the handoff in Waldo, Ohio on Thursday evening the 15th of July. Hemi is passing the Hammer to Joyrider, Interstate Steve, and myself, RixSix. It was a beautiful night and we all had a great time. I will be taking the Hammer to the Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio tommorow. From there it will start it's last relays south on it's way to Paducah, Kentucky for the InZane 4 rally. I feel very lucky to have particpated in the event and thank all of those before me and wish good luck to those still to come. 



Here are the pictures I took at Quaker Steak and Lube in Cranberry PA
> Thursday Night July 1.
> Doug Horwat
> VRCC PA Rep.


June 9 - June 11

Thor's Hammer Final Route Through Maine

Day 1

  • Started with breakfast with great set of friends.
  • Super ride through scenic Maine to Canada for lunch and Thor’s Hammer pick-up.
  • Met a great group of Canadian neighbors. (022, 025, 029a)
  • Hand-off at Lac Megantic in Canada.
  • More scenic Maine back roads and added another great friend and an eventful dinner. (043, 050)
  • Saw a total of two deer and four moose along the way.

 Day 2

  • Up and on the road for a meeting with the Governor of Maine, John E. Baldacci (he signed the banner - See the Photo Above ) (059, 061, 122)
  • Headed east as far as you can go in the continental U.S., West Quaddy Head light, Lubec Maine. (065, 074)
  • On to Bar Harbor for the night.

 Day 3

  • Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, the first place the rays of the sun's rays hit in the U.S. every day (4:38 AM that day to be exact).  (123, 141 in Bar Harbor)
  • Photos in front of a Confederate Air Force B-17 (unplanned but awesome)  (149)
  • Hit the road for Thor’s hand-off in New Hampshire (154, 187)
  • Total mileage with the hammer 865 (noon 6/9 to noon 6/11)

David D.

May 31
Thors Hammer is now on the way to the Mackinaw Bridge and will be back to Birch Run Michigan on Wed. morning where Birch Run Motorsports is putting on
 a free BBQ for VRCC members before we head to Port Huron for the hand off to our Canadian  Brother's.

The Hammer pick up. 37 Michigan bikes showed up on a rainy Sat.

Robert Tasior
Tri-City Chapter Leader
VRCC #12023




May 28

Thor's Hammer was handed off by Hoosier Daddy to Solo1 and Gary Kruger just north of Alexandria on 69 at 5PM, Friday28th
Presently in New Haven Indiana scheduled to be handed off at 4:30pm Indiana time today, Saturday, by Fudgie and others to Michigan riders at Angola Indiana
Solo1 (Wayne)



May 16

Got some more pictures of the Hammer & Banner in Iowa

Frank Flickinger at the Current Capital of Iowa.       Yours truly at the current Capital of Iowa             Oh let's see who we got here. 

This last one on the right is in front of the old capital building in Iowa City.  Top picture, Jim Claybaugh, Steve Kolsto, Frank Flickinger, Oh boy, I'm in trouble, can't
remember her name, & Cameron Van Elslander.  Bottom picture, Steve Kolsto, Jim Claybaugh, Cameron and Frank. 

Hopefully I'll get Cameron's pictures of the handoff to Wisconsin.   This was the handoff from Central Iowa to Eastern Iowa for delivery to Richard in
Milwaukee on May 19th.




May 26

It was 2:30 PM, and the skies were darkening. The mission: to deliver "Thor’s Hammer" to the Indiana VRCC. How important was this mission? I missed going on the Rolling Thunder ride to Washington D.C. to finally visit the Wall that I have avoided for so long. My friends had left the area at 9:00 AM that very morning. The night before, I had wished Richard a safe journey and told him if all went well, I might catch up with him in a few days. Today, my mission was to deliver "the hammer." If I wanted to, I could have taken my tent, clothes, etc. and easily caught them in Indiana, but I decided there is always next year. Perhaps it was just another excuse to avoid facing that Wall, but what would happen on this day would, perhaps, have greater significance for me.

I was to meet two Valkyrie Riders at the Honda dealer in Freeburg, IL, about a two hour ride from DuQuoin, and we would ride the back roads to Indiana. Weather reports had been predicting thunderstorms, a 40% chance, all week, but it had not rained a drop in my immediate area, so it was a go.

About an hour into the trip, it started to rain – buckets of rain. I was not wearing my rain suit, but as luck would have it, a rest area was at hand. I quickly guided "The Quickening" down the 30 MPH ramp off I-64 at very high speeds, skidding to a stop in the large puddles of water that appeared instantly, jammed down the side stand, jumped off the bike and dashed to the shelter to don the protective nylon and rubber shield. That’s when I heard the familiar, "That boy ain’t right" as I ran out to the bike, started her up, and headed back out into the rain a few moments later.

Having not gone into the rest area proper, and using a sheltered picnic area to put on the rain gear, I was unaware of the tornado warning in effect. It sure was windy for some reason. The 40% looked like a sure bet today as there was no letup in sight. All I could think of were the beautiful back roads I was forced to ignore in favor of the interstate in order to avoid flooding roads. As I approached the exit for Fairfield, the rain suddenly ceased. I imagined that I had run through it and out the other side. As the result of my high speed anticipation of running through the storm, it was dry when I pulled in to meet Bill Hay of Charleston, IL. He had been waiting for almost two hours, electing to leave home early to avoid what I had been riding through. We had over an hour before Adam Leonberger would show with the hammer, so we decided to run to the local Dairy Queen for a quick desert. It started to rain as we started on the three mile ride. It grew progressively harder as we neared our goal. The folks inside could not believe their eyes. When we told them we were headed to Vincennes, Indiana, we both got that "these boys ain’t right look. "Guess you did not hear the tornado alert sirens in those helmets," one of the ladies said.

"Is it a tornado watch, or warning," I asked, which drew a funny expression from my new -found co-rider, Bill Hay.

"How did you know to ask that," he inquired.

"Oh, I used to be in charge of the storm watch team in DuQuoin. We tracked them visually from hill tops surrounding the town, day or night. We had a great team, and could locate any transmitted radio signal within 30 minutes if it was strong enough." You should have seen the look on his face.

"I used to be a storm chaser in Michigan," he said.

The lady behind the counter informed us that a tornado had been sighted in Mount Vernon, where I had jumped onto I-64 just 30 minutes before. I must have been just ahead of the funnel. Having finished the desert, we thanked the ladies for the weather information and headed out the door. The eerie noise of the warning alert again sounded on their radio heralding yet another tornado warning. We looked at each other and jumped on the bikes to head back to the dealer. The rain was so bad that visibility was sometimes iffy at best. 40% was looking more like 400% right then.

Adam was waiting with the banner and the replica hammer from "Thor" in Tennessee. Adam has not had his Valkyrie for a full year yet, so he is relatively new to the VRCC. However, it was Adam and Bill Hay who rode to Springfield to pick it up from the Northern Illinois VRCC the previous Sunday. So when he said he could not make this trek, I kidded him a little, but well understood. That left two.

I looked at Bill and asked if he was game. "Yep" he answered. We were of the same era, both Air Force vets, both aircraft weapons specialists of the Vietnam War era. I knew this because Bill placed his Vietnam pin on the bag containing the banner. We would later discuss these similarities when we stopped for gas, some hour and a half down the road. Adam led us to a remote country road, gave me two directions, and we were off again.

The trees were bent over double as the winds twisted their delicate limbs to the breaking point. The underside of the leaves pointed heavenward-- not a good sign. We were headed north and east of the tornado, but we both kept watchful eyes on the clouds. One of the main problems we faced was visibility. Whenever Bill lost sight of my taillight, he slowed so as not to run up on me unexpectedly. When I saw him drop back I slowed. This was the procedure through the tight country roads and two lane highways.

The lightning intensified, coming in bunches. There is something strange about an individual who sits atop a metal framed vehicle with little protection from the elements, with a tank of highly flammable liquid nestled between their thighs, dashing between the bright sinewy flashes of static electricity. There simply was no shelter in sight, so we were forced to push on. On the vast prairie, we could see the lightning strike the ground. As we neared Mt. Eres, IL, we actually saw it strike a barn in the distance. We rounded a sweeping curve to the left, then another back to the right, a long straight section followed by a 10 MPH curve that almost bent back on itself, and then we smelled and saw the barn. What had once been a majestic symbol of a bygone era, hewed by hand from sturdy timber, was now a pile of smoldering rubble about three feet high. I am not even sure if the owners were aware that the barn was on fire yet, but as hard as it was raining, there was no danger of the fire spreading, and the fire department could not have possibly added and assist to natures own drenching waters. We could not pull over, because the ditches on either side of the road were about to crest, covering the road completely. We pushed on.

We had ridden a total of 45 miles and had not seen shelter. The sign said Olney, Illinois-- home of the white squirrels. Finally a truck stop. We both gassed up under the protective awning. The guys inside hurried outside to stare in awe at the Valkyries. The folks inside just looked at up and shook their heads. We entered, paid for out gas, and asked: "How far to Vincennes, Indiana?"

"Bout 38 miles," a trucker answered. He then gave us very good directions to the Lewis and Clark monument, so we were again on our way, but not before the cell phone alerted us to a call from John Q in Vincennes. He was worried we had turned back. We assured him we were very close and right on schedule. He thought we were an hour behind because he lives in Eastern Indiana, and there is a time difference. We had a good laugh and headed out the door.

The rain seemed to ease as we hit US 50 East. Only 332 miles and we would be there. Once in Vincennes, we stopped at a gas station for directions to be sure we were headed in the right direction. By this time, the rain gear was working, but losing the battle from the constant bombardment of the steady flood of waters from above. Only three blocks to go. We entered the park and there sat a lone Valkyrie. The rider was under the sheltering awning of the closed visitor center. He had been waiting for us for two hours. Now that is a Valkyrie rider. He had left early to avoid what we brought to him. He would have to ride in the rain the two hours home.

We stopped at a great restaurant to get some nourishment for the long ride home. The discussion of the sights we had seen was punctuated by the description of the flaming barn and the drenching rains, and we wished him good luck on his solo journey homeward with the hammer. I doubt if any other riders on any other bikes would have even considered venturing into rain and winds, but the Valkyrie does not seen to mind, so why should we? I rode with Bill until we reached the intersection of 130 North. He headed for Charleston, and I continued across US 50 to Salem.

As I rode along I could see stars to my left but lightning to the right. It was the direction Bill had headed. I found comfort in the fact that Bill was aboard the Valkyrie, and she would keep him safe. We found we were cut from the same cloth, and I cannot forget the emotion that flashed across Bill’s countenance as he gingerly placed the Vietnam campaign ribbon on the banner bag with all of the state pins. The pin had meant a great deal to him, and I am sure that he would not have entrusted just any symbol of himself with just any banner. It appeared as if he was thanking the Valkyrie – giving up the old memories for the joyful new memories of the last bike he will ever ride – the Honda Valkyrie. Where we had been stripped of honor, and spat upon by our own countrymen during the Vietnam conflict, the Valkyrie had brought us together as brothers again these many years later. Manufactured only from 1997 until 2003-- six short years of production, but not much shorter than the conflict that changed the lives of veterans and foes of the war, alike-- the Valkyrie had given us hope and freedom again. And like the honor that escaped us so long ago, Honda has chosen to strip us of the best all around motorcycle we have ever ridden. I found Bill’s words echoing my words: "I will ride this motorcycle until I die." Now, I too am at peace with the past. On the quest to deliver "Thor’s Hammer," I had met another Valkyrie rider who feels as I feel, and that is all that matters.  "Highlander"



May 23

MN to IA handoff..& In Clear Lake IA.
See ya Inzane!
Jerry #161
Ebony Rider




May 15

Saturday, May 15th, RJ and Frank left Des Moines, IA for Clear Lake, IA to meet up with Ebony Rider (MN) to take possession of the Banner and the Hammer.   Kirk from Orygun had to mail RJ the hammer bag, bless his little pointed head, he forgot to hand it off.  LOL.

Took possession of everything at noon, and since the MN bunch had already ate, Frank & I headed for Thor, IA to get a picture of the hammer with the Thor, IA sign.
Got that accomplished and we then headed in a SW direction on 2 lane roads to get to Casey, IA to get pictures of the Banner and the paintings Bubba Johnson had done on the exterior walls in remembering the wars.
He also painted a rock at the entrance of a gravel pit on Hwy # 25 South of I-80.  He repaints this rock with new murals every year around Memorial Day, well he has them completed by Memorial Day.  So they were in the act of being redid when we passed.  We did stop and get a picture of the start of the new Mural.
Returned back to home base for the night.
Next morning Frank met me again and we proceeded to the Capital building for a photo shoot.  Got that done and we headed for Iowa City, IA to do a photo shoot of the Old Capital building of Iowa.  Also to hand the Banner and Hammer off to the VRCC riders on the East side of the state.  Cameron is going to get some photo's over around Davenport and then he and SteveK will hand the Banner and Hammer off to Wisconsin about 11:00 AM on Wednesday May 19th around Dodgeville, WI, about 50 miles NE of Dubuque, IA.    The WI recipients are traveling over from Milwaukee......
Hope to have all of our pictures up somewhere on the Internet by the middle of next week......
Carry on my good friends, and thanks to all the Iowa VRCC members who helped out with the Banner and Hammer.  We had fun, and those who missed out, don't know what they missed.
Frank & I logged over 700 miles the 2 days we were after and in possession of the items.  Frank logged 140 miles more than I did.  He lives South of me 35 miles, we met at my house both days.
Respectfully submitted
and writ by hand
RJ, VRCC - Iowa State Rep


Top left picture is town of Thor, IA
Top right picture is Painted walls in Casey, IA honoring the wars
Bottom left is MN to IA handoff.
3 on the left are from MN, left to right, MN state rep Jerry < believe is his name, then Tom Stiehm, forgot the middle guys name already, Frank and then me.
Just hate it when I forget names........RJ


May 12

Picked up Thors hammer today May 12, 2004 . In Redwood falls MN. From South Dakota . We left Red Wing MN in 70 degrees, but turned to 49 degrees, windy, rainy so we rode back to Red Wing.  311 total miles today.

Jerry (Ebony Rider)


May 8

Thor's Hammer arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota courtesy of Jerry Dempsy from Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Jerry handed the banner off to Scooby who will keep a close watch on the Hammer at his home in Brandon, South Dakota.  The Hammer will again be on the move on May 12, 2004 via Scooby and Larry as it makes its way to Redwood Falls, Minnesota to be handed off to Ebony Rider.  Pictured from left to right are: Jerry , Larry, Mary (Scooby's wife), and Scooby.  Pictures were taken in front of the new Mid America Motoplex Honda dealer.


May 8

Thor's Hammer was handed off to Arlo "Scooby" Schubert in Sioux Falls, SD on 5-8-04.  Arlo and Nancy Schubert and Jerry Werner accepted the Hammer and Banner and Arlo and Jerry will deliver them to Minnesota on 5-12-04.
Jerry Dempsey

May 2

Thor's Hammer/Banner arrives in South Dakota.

The banner was handed to South Dakota riders by North Dakota rider Guy McDonald about 8:00 pm on Sunday May 2nd at the Prairie Knights Casino,
45 miles south of Bismarck. The banner is now in Aberdeen, SD at Jerry's, who will take it to Scooby later in the week. 
We  picked the hammer up at Portal, ND and traveled Highway 8 south through Stanley and New Town.  New Town is on the Fort Berthold Indian reservation.  At New Town, I crossed the mighty Mississippi River heading west on highway 23 to highway 22 heading south.  I followed highway 22 south to Dickinson , ND .  From Dickinson I took Interstate 94 to Mandan and then followed old historic highway 1806 south to the Prairie Knights Casino on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.  There the hammer was picked up and carried to Mobridge South Dakota.  I'll send an email message with names and pictures for the web this evening.
Guy McDonald

From left: Gary Spencer aka "dakota" (SD),  Guy McDonald (ND), Jerry Dempsey aka "JD#155."

Picture taken by Tammy (Mrs. Dakota), who rides an '82 Honda Silverwing

Here's a picture back at Jerry's place in Aberdeen.
That's Tammy in the middle.

Photo by "dakota."

May 2

Thor's Hammer Arrives in North Dakota

Saskatchewan team rode down to North Portal, this morning (2nd of May) and passed the hammer over to Guy Macdonald, of North Dakota.

Paul Richey handing over the Hammer to Guy MacDonald, at around 1:00pm on the 2nd of May, 2004


Thor's Hammer rests in Regina, Saskatchewan, for the night.

The Alberta riders handed over the hammer to the Saskatchewan riders
amid beautiful blue skies and pleasant temperatures today, the 1st of
May. Following the hand-over all riders headed down the road for lunch
together before heading out for home.

From left to right:
Kevin (AB), Rick (SK), Jim (AB), Roy (AB),
Bob (SK), Paul (SK) and Cordell (SK).

photo by Roy's beautiful wife, Carolyn.

Roy Stellar (left) passing the hammer to
Saskatchewan rider Paul Richey.

photo by Carolyn Stellar (tnx Carolyn!)

April 24

Thor's Hammer Crosses from Montana to Alberta

The Alberta contingent started as a small group of four on three Valks in Calgary on this cool (3°C) but sunny Saturday morning. We headed south, picking up one rider in Claresholm, then four more on three Valks in Lethbridge, taking the opportunity to chat at every stop.  As we pulled into the parking lot on the Canadian side of the border near Del Bonita, Alberta, we were greeted by the cameras of the Montana delegation: five smiling faces who traveled on two Valks and a GoldWing.
    After greetings were exchanged, Montana's representative, Jim Coffman, handed Thor's Hammer and the Banner to Kevin Dick, representing Alberta.  We unfurled the banner for group photos, and managed to find a local lady to snap pictures with each of our cameras.
    The entire group then took a one hour ride to Lethbridge for lunch at the Blarney Stone Pub, where we all yakked about motorcycles, grandchildren, and other things while the Flames were losing to the Red Wings on the big screen.
    Bellies full of bite and beer, we headed back from whence we came.  The Hammer headed for Calgary in Roy Stellar's care, eagerly anticipating a Sunday handoff in Red Deer, then several days in the Edmonton area.


April 24

April 24th;  Montana riders, Jim & Susan Coffman, Russ & Judy Tempel and Sandy Anderson(GL 1800), left Joplin and Chester MT to meet the Alberta folks at Del Bonita port of entry north of Cut Bank MT. It was about 40 degrees at 10am when we left, but did warm up to about 57 by late afternoon. Not bad except the wind was blowing (as usual for this area) so it got a little chilly for the girls on back. Suz had to put on my snowmobile coat over her leather and break open some chem hand warmers on the way home. Judy just turned up her "Widder"!
 We got to the border a little before 1pm and chatted with the Canadian Customs agent for awhile. Asked him to be in the pictures but he said he might loose his job! He did have his wife come out and take the group pics for us.  The Alberta riders ( 7 Valks ) showed up right on time, we did the meet and greet, the hand off and lots of photos. They were thoughtful enough to give us a hat and pin. Good people!  We didn't want to take the same road home so we rode North with them an hour to Lethbridge. Had some good food and B.S. and it was time to head out. The Hammer headed for Calgary with Kevin Dick, Roy Stellar and the gang (sorry guys, I don't remember all your names!) and we turned south for the border at Sweetgrass port of entry. I was lucky to get a good customs guy on the U.S. side because I'd forgotten my birth certificate. He could have made me stay in Canada! Suz thought she might have to ride the FATLDY home without me! We made it home before dark with 330 miles on the clock. It was great to meet new people and hopefully we can ride together again. I'm very glad to have been a part of this event! It's one of those things that, if you have to ask the reason why, you wouldn't understand!
 Good Luck to the rest of the Hammer carriers!
                                                                        Jim and Susan Coffman (C5 INC)


April 24

Thor's Hammer will be in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from 25 Apr to 28 Apr.


MT Hammer

Posted By: C5 Inc
Date: 4/23/2004 at 20:37:26

The Hammer is leaving Joplin Montana Sat. morning to hand off to Alberta Canada. The local newspaper wants some pics before we leave so we'll be celebs! Hopefully we don't get arrested at the border for transporting a dangerous weapon! This was a cool idea and been alot of fun. I wish my relay t-shirt would have gotten here in time for the hand off. Oh well.


April 21

Signing the Banner

April 20

Subject: Handoff pics
From:    "Jim and Susan Coffman
These photos were taken by the Montana gang when they arrived at Lookout Pass, MT.


April 20

Big Dave Hoffman (WA) hands off to Jeff Coffman (MT) at the $10,000 Silver Dollar Saloon in Montana.
More (ALL) photos and a riders journal from  Washington, Idaho and Montana riders will be posted to our WA VRCC web site at

Big Dave
VRCC WA State Leader

April 19
We had a great time meeting Dave's WA group, once we finally got together! Had a bit of a communication problem on time zones, so the WA folks got to freeze while watching a snowmobile event on top of Lookout Pass for an hour. Meanwhile us Montana riders were wasting an hour in the sweltering 50 degree heat, with a hot breakfast at the bottom of pass.
Most of our riders dropped off in Missoula and Russ and I headed over Rogers Pass to Great Falls, then North to Chester. The Hammer is now 400 miles into MT waiting till Sat. for the handoff to Alberta. Get ready Canada!
Posted By: C5 Inc
Date: 4/19/2004 at 06:45:58

The Hammer was picked up in Oroville, WA at the Canadian/US boarder
station and taken to Omak, Grand Coulee Dam, Wilbur, Odessa, Spokane,
Wallace Idaho and finally to the Rocky Mountains and the Montana
boarder on top of Lookout Pass.  11 Riders from Washington (3 West
side, 3 Central & 5 Eastern) meet 6 from Montana for a total of 17
Valkyries on Lookout Pass summit.

Big Dave
VRCC #3395
WA State Leader

April 18
The Postman has got nothing over on Valk riders. Through bitter cold, rain and hail the Hammer was delivered from Canada to Grand Coulee Dam, WA then onto Idaho and finally the Rockies of Montana and the summit of Lookout Pass where 17 Dragon Riders meet at a snowmobile event and passed on Thor's Hammer and Banner.

Big Dave
WA State VRCC Leader

April 16

Had a great ride from Willow Creek to Hopland on Friday.  Met Brice & daughter Samantha from the GSV early Saturday morning for the exchange.  
Saturday proved to better than Friday.  Couldn't ask for better weather.  The weather had been less than good preceding our weekend
jaunt ( 4-9 thru 4-11).  The weather has been wet & windy since the evening of our ride home on Sunday.  We were fortunate to have such a
window of opportunity to ride in GOOD weather.  The Hammer & Banner traveled north on Hwy 101 from GSV territory through the Bay Area,
passing through the Wine Country northerly through the coastal mountains... Through the Avenue of the Giants on Hwy 254, making it to
the north coast in the afternoon.  What is typically a 60-65 degree day with drizzle, fog & breeze along the coast,  turned out to be an
exceptional day.  Was a balmy 75 degrees with blue sky and full sun without a breath of wind or a cloud in the sky.  Continued north along
101 making a stop at the beach in Orick so the Hammer could meet the Left Coast.  Another stop in Klamath to introduce the Hammer to Paul
Bunyan and his Blue Ox.  Continuing north, landed in Crescent City at 1645 hours... only to find the Oregon folks had just landed there about
15 minutes before hand.  Had a GREAT visit that afternoon / evening with Linda & Steve Tiffany & John Shakleford.  After another great session
over breakfast we did the final 20 miles to the Calif. - Oregon state line to meet up with Ric Martin.  After a round of good natured B.S. and
a few pics we officially passed the Hammer & Banner to the Oregon folks and made our departure to our respective homeland.  Was good fun and
great to meet you guys & gals... and see SloPoke again.  Keep in touch and look for us during your travels.   Took 36 pics associated with the
Hammer trip.  Dennis & Shelly.  Willow Creek, CA.

Hammer in possession = 300 Mi.    **  Dead-head = 340 Mi.   **   Total = 640 Mi.



April 14

Hammer Arrives in Canada !
Hondasan and Ostrich met Moose and Dusty at the Canadian border crossing in Victoria B.C. this morning and passed the hammer and banner to the first of hopefully many foreign countries.The hammer will travel to the northern end of Vancouver Island tomorrow and on Friday will head east to hook up with the Eastern Washington group on Saturday morning in Oroville Washington. I will post some pics tomorrow nite

Hondasan and Ostrich met Moose and Dusty at the Canadian border crossing in Victoria B.C. this morning and passed the hammer and banner to the first of hopefully many foreign countries.The hammer will travel to the northern end of Vancouver Island tomorrow and on Friday will head east to hook up with the Eastern Washington group on Saturday morning in Oroville Washington. I will post some pics tomorrow nite


Posted By: Big Dave aka "Taz" <>
Date: 4/14/2004 at 08:24:27

Hammer & Banner wiil return from Canada on the 17th at Oroville, WA and then proceed to Montana and Lookout Pass via Grand Coulee Dam & Spokane.

April 13
Posted By: Hondasan <>
Date: 4/13/2004 at 21:27:04

Ride started yesterday with Ostrich and I . Port Angeles to Astoria OR-a beautifull Victorian town on the mouth of the Columbia
Ride down was great - along the sweepers of the Hood Canal, down the coast on 101- then along the Columbia. After Kirk showed up on his Evil Valk (car tire) with Howard- late! Something about pea soup fog-lame. Nice meeting 'em over breakfast then off to Aberdeen and picked up Fox-
I was stopped at an up draw bridge, get on the cell to tell him we'll be late- just as a press send- he pulls up- saw us ride by and he caught us-cool. Then AWESOME ride to Forks- 105 miles along the coast/ Olympic park with NO Cars in front of us the whole way. Fast sweepers, fast straights, almost no rain. Fox splits at Forks and Ostrich and I blast off to Neah Bay- tighter twisties on the edge of the Straight- unreal scenery (viewed at an angle!) Picked up our res. pass (Makah tribe) a couple of badges for the bag and off to Cape Flattery- final 5 miles gravel road, rainy- but rain stopped for some pic's and nice views- the a quick 2 hour blast back to Port Angeles- in pouring rain of course.

Brain to tired for details- I think total today and yesterday 550 miles? (little on highway )
Got better pic's- but to big- anyone know a good picture sharing site to use???

Picture is us standing on the point of Cape Flattery (100 below us is the Pacific) and thats Tatoosh Island in the backround

April 13
The Hammer is in Washington

Howard Jaffe and I drove it to the border this morning. Our route took us from Portland over the coast range through fog and cold temps to Astoria, OR where we handed off to Hondasan and Ostrich. They will take it to the northwest corner of the contiguous US today (Cape Flattery I believe). Our route today was about 90 miles one way.
Posted By: KirkB (Orygun) VPLA MIGP <>
Date: 4/13/2004 at 12:40:48

April 12
The Hammer is in the house!

Picked it up from SloPoke today. Here's a shot of me and Berserker at our place of employ, the Nike World Campus.
Just a note to those yet to recieve the hammer. Take note of where the handle has been. BTW, I'm the one on the RIGHT.
Posted By: KirkB (Orygun) VPLA MIGP <>
Date: 4/12/2004 at 19:25:05

Hondasan, I'd love to ride in the rain tomorrow to meet you for breakfast, but this looks pretty damn good right here in my office. I think I'll keep it!

I didn't have an Oregon pin to put on here, so I put a Nike swoosh pin on. Sorry guys, it was all I had. It's from Oregon so I guess that counts.
We started on the back side... Oregon is the first state on the back side of the banner. When it gets to Paducah, they're going to have to display it between 2 pieces of clear plex on stands if they want folks to see all of the sigs. 

Dusty March 25

Riders Gary “Borto” Bortolussi, Sam Sanders, “Big John” Bristol, Walter Bresnahan and Dennis Holm met at the Fred Myers parking lot in Salt Lake City, Utah at 02:30pm to ready for the short ride up the canyon to Evanston Wyoming.
Gary "Borto" rides a classic Valkyrie Serial Number 9, Yes; that is what you see, the 9th Valkyrie off the assembly line. More information about this motorcycle at a later date.
Sam rides a 1999 black interstate. “If only I would put that trigger wheel in, I might get a wheelie out of this baby”
John rides a 2000 Silver and Blue Interstate. “ I seem to be able to pull a wheelie, Oh, I did put a trigger wheel in”.
Walter rides a Red 1996 BMW R1100 RSL
Dennis Rides a Blue 2000 BMW R1100 R
(at least they could keep up and we had to have somebody take pictures for us)

With a beautiful 58 degree, partly cloudy day we headed up the Interstate 80 through some high speed canyon roads and got to Wyoming in record time to meet with “Sixguns” Larry for the handoff.
We meet at the Maverik gas and fart promptly at 4pm and proceded with all the ceremonial hoopla, then we settled down to a lovely 12 course meal at the famous Le Maverik Café.

Around an hour later we all finished up with Larry heading back to Little America for a luxurious stay in the presidential suite and us for a ride back down to Salt Lake.

We did get a chance to stop for a view of the mountain snow at sunset in Park City. Nothing like ridin through the curves at 90+

We are going to pass the hammer around until our ride to Nevada for the hand off April 3 at Mesquite. Weather should be very unstable for us but we got BIG bikes and the HAMMER!!!




March 28

Hey, sorry for the delay but these are old pictures Feb 27 & 28 from Florida. 

Handoff from Fla Jim to TC 17888 at YeeHaw Junction


March 24

Thor's Hammer and the VRCC Banner have been passed along to WYOMING from
Three Colorado Riders (Sledge, Spencer, and 12 Point) were greeted by
SIXGUNS from Cheyenne.

Occurred today at the State Line south of Laramie, WY on US 287 at
approximately 1:30 pm.

Special thanks to the COLORADO Riders for rolling the schedule forward,
taking advantage of the weather...

The Hammer and the Banner are currently in Cheyenne, Wy for the evening.

Tomorrow it will be on it's way to UTAH.

Exchange is setup with UTAH Riders at 4:30 pm Mountain Standard Time,
Evanston, WY.


March 24

 Hello, I am Popsmcwhly from Colorado. I have just delivered the hammer to Sixguns in Wyoming. We had a great time with it here in Colorado.

Late yesterday (Saturday) Thor's Hammer was handed over by the Nebraska to the Colorado Valk Riders -- this momentous event occurred in Ogallala, NE. After traveling about 350-400 miles in beautiful Colorado weather today, Thor's Hammer will spend this week in northern Colorado before traveling on to Wyoming on Saturday, March 27th.

Four of us traveled from the Denver (Smoky and Terry) and Colorado Springs (me and Bob J) areas yesterday to meet up with the Nebraska folks in Ogallala. You think Nebraskans are a "tame" lot -- hardly!!! Aaron was doing major burnouts in the EconoLodge parking lot only moments after arriving (photos to follow later). After some good eats we retired to the motel for a little visiting and BS'ing before the deliver of the Hammer from NE to CO, which occurred after dark.

The four of us from Colorado hit the road this morning (Sunday) at 6:30am in order to deliver the Hammer and Banner in Denver during today's High Country Cruisers' meeting. Although the sun had just come up, a couple of us removed our seats and brought them inside to warm up -- since the temperature was only 18 degrees. It SLOWLY warmed up to around 50 as we approached Denver, some 200 miles later. We arrived at one of our largest HCC meetings, with about 50+ folks in attendance to welcome Thor's Hammer. It was quite an event. After discussions of the history of the Hammer and some signings (we added one of our HCC pins and will add a Colorado pin) about 30 bikes headed to the foothills west of Denver -- Red Rocks Park. It was a beautiful day and temps had warmed up to the low-high 60s, maybe even 70. We took lots of photos and hung out, then some went home while some of us headed down south through the Rampart Range Mountains through Deckers, Woodland Park, along the base of Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs, through Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs), and stopping for a photo of a couple of us with the Hammer and Banner with Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak in the background. A couple of our members (Popsmcwhly) and Valk riders that live north of Denver then headed that way with the Hammer and Banner. It will spend this week in Northern Colorado

Popsmcwhly Rode the Hammer back to Denver on Sunday night. Monday was a work day. Tuesday the hammer went to some local landmarks in Denver for more pictures. Wednesday The Hammer headed out North to Boulder Colorado (Home of the Buffalos) for again a few more pictures and then it was off to meet B_Met in Loveland, CO hooked up and proceeded to Fort Collins, CO were we meet Sledge from Denver, for the final leg to the Wyoming Border. Meet SixGuns at the border for you guessed it a few last pictures and the allmighty hand off. Thors Hammer has seen a very nice chunck of Colorfull Colorado. And we were all very happy to have been apart of this. I have logged just over 300 miles with the Hammer myself. And I loved telling the story to everyone I ran into. I will see and meet all who make it to InZanes this year. I am ready to go now. Thanks again for the hootin good time!


Spencer Hames
Tri-City Telecom / Telegear


March 22

Report on Thor's Hammer relay from
Central Missouri to Western Missouri

The day dawned wet, foggy and cold. The thermometer registering a frigid 24 degrees at 7:00 am. "What kind of a fool would ride on a day like today?" Was the thought on my mind while I prepared to meet my fellow fool, Phil Edgar in Odessa Missouri to make the official hand off for the legendary Thor's Hammer National event. At the time I signed up, it seemed like an honor to participate in such an event, but looking at the conditions that would have to be endured, I felt much like a man who volunteered for a Polar Bear Dive without first asking what it was. Yes, Fool comes to mind.

Making the best of a rugged situation, I spoke with Phil on the phone, making arrangements for a meeting place that neither of us had even seen. Phil sounded just as skeptical as I about riding such distances in this weather. For Phil the trip would wind up being 96 miles one way and for me a paltry 91 each way. Damn honor and obligation, I did not want to do this! Cold is cold and brother This was it! However, we both agreed to take our place among the few that could lay claim to hauling the hammer and haul it we would. Bundled in the best leather he could find, Phil stoically started out from Columbia, Missouri. His route was simple, West on Interstate 70 from Mile marker 128 to 38 and hook up with me in Odessa for the hand off. I also had started out from north of Kansas City to our meeting in Odessa clad in an extremely warm Chiefs coat, a full face helmet and the warmest two pairs of gloves I owned. I was counting on the natural wind block of the famous F6 engine to block a lot of the air off of my legs as I do not own a pair of thermals. Heavy jeans would have to do.

The first 30 miles were a pleasant surprise. Yes it was cold, yes it was damp and yes better conditions were expected, BUT, This ride was certainly possible! After I hit 70 miles, I saw that I very much needed two things. Fuel, and a large box of warm air to go! The fuel was easy, but the clerk dashed my hopes for heat stating she had just sold the last box of warm air to some crazed lunatic on a Harley trying to get to Key West. After I learned that he had left over 4 hours previously and I had no hope of catching up with him, I opted to continue with the Hammer. Thoughts of palm trees, bikinis and warm ocean breezes just made my ride even more bitter. No help there! "Hooowwww muucchhh farrrthherrr" I shivered to myself as I finally passed the sign that said Odessa 5 Miles. I knew that in the summer it was five miles, but today I was certain that the distance was easily 20 miles due to the swelling of the planet from such extreme cold. I was right too!

Phil called from his cell saying he had stopped at a gas station so he could get something warm to drink and for me to meet him there. We hooked up and had a good laugh at the things two fools will do for an adventure. Sharing the tale of our mornings ride and hot beverages supplied by the extremely nice staff at the Odessa Missouri Conoco we quickly created a small stir in the sleepy town. I had been scouting for several weeks for riding partners to accompany me on this trip, but to no avail. At the Conoco, a man walked up and announced that he rode a 99 interstate and was wondering what two valks were doing out and about in such weather. No Valk riders for weeks when I am looking for help and when I am not, they are coming out of the woodwork! He even introduced us to another local F6Rider who helped Phll out with a better set of riding gloves. All in all, we managed to promote the VRCC to some Valkyrie riders and Motorcycling in general to some very nice folks who were in and out of the gas station. After a photo or two of the banner and of the hammer itself (Thanks Thor!) we parted company for the ride home. The 34 degree weather did not feel nearly as cold after the friendship and warmth we had exchanged. Surprisingly, the trip was over in a couple of hours rather than the days I had endured on the outbound side of the journey. Pulling into the garage with the hammer and banner firmly in hand, I was filled with a sense of satisfaction in meeting an obligation and the warmth of making a new friend. Phil, my brother, anytime, anywhere any reason. You call , I'll be there!

Don't Miss the next episode of the Stirring Missouri Saga ......
Off to Kansas, The Hammer's Journey



March 21

Sunday, March 21st, 2004 (by Valkster)

Late yesterday (Saturday) Thor's Hammer was handed over by the Nebraska to the Colorado Valk Riders -- this momentous event occurred in Ogallala, NE. After traveling about 350-400 miles in beautiful Colorado weather today, Thor's Hammer will spend this week in northern Colorado before traveling on to Wyoming on Saturday, March 27th.
Four of us traveled from the Denver and Colorado Springs areas yesterday to meet up with the Nebraska folks in Ogallala. You think Nebraskans are a "tame" lot -- hardly!!! Aaron was doing major burnouts in the EconoLodge parking lot only moments after arriving (photos to follow later). After some good eats we retired to the motel for a little visiting and BS'ing before the deliver of the Hammer from NE to CO, which occurred after dark.

The four of us from Colorado (Valkster, Smoky, Suzirider [on a Valk], and Terry) hit the road this morning (Sunday) at 6:30am in order to deliver the Hammer and Banner in Denver during today's High Country Cruisers' meeting. Although the sun had just come up, a couple of us removed our seats and brought them inside to warm up and let the frost melt -- since the temperature was only 18degrees. It SLOWLY warmed up to around 50 as we approached Denver, some 200 miles later. We arrived at one of our largest HCC meetings, with about 50+ folks in attendance to welcome Thor's Hammer. It was quite an event. After discussions of the history of the Hammer and some signings (we added one of our HCC pins and will add a Colorado pin) about 30 bikes headed to the foothills west of Denver -- Red Rocks Park. It was a beautiful day and temps had warmed up to the low 60s. We took lots of photos and hung out, then some went home while some of us headed down south through the Rampart Range Mountains, Deckers, Woodland Park (Valkster's home), along the base of Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs, through Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs), and stopping for a photo of a couple of us with the Hammer and Banner with Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak in the background. A couple of our members and Valk riders that live north of Denver then headed that way with the Hammer and Banner. It will spend this week in Northern Colorado and will probably get in a little riding and sightseeing before moving on to Wyoming next Saturday, 27th.
It looks like the great wx will continue this week and the Hammer and Banner make their trek though Colorado.
Of note to us HCCers, at least one member of the KS, NE, CO, and WY contingents are members of the High Country Cruisers.  We have a great time riding here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains (unless it is snowing, of course).
Turnover of Thor's Hammer and the Banner from Nebraska to Colorado -- 20 March 2004
Colorado High Country Cruisers on the way to Red Rocks Park with Thor's Hammer
 About 30 bikes (mostly Valks, but a few Wings and others) made the trek to Red Rocks with Thor's Hammer
The HCC gang with Thor's Hammer at Red Rocks Park, Colorado -- 21 March 2004


February 27-28

Hey, sorry for the delay but these are old pictures Feb 27 & 28 from Florida. 

Handoff from Fla Jim to TC 17888 at YeeHaw Junction

March 19
Posted By: Hump of Kansas <>
Date: 3/19/2004 at 01:34:50

heading west across the Great Plains. Banner and Thor's Hammer is leaving Wichita in a few hours towards Dodge City then going north. Temperature will be in the mid 60's. Great day to ride.

March 18
Posted By: KirkB (Orygun) VPLA MIGP <>
Date: 3/18/2004 at 20:56:46
If you're in Oregon and want to participate, send me an email. I'd post a message on the PAVR mailing list, but I think it's having some issues right now.

Rough itinerary:

Sat April 10:
- Leave PDX area in early am to ride to NorCal border, probably through Grant's Pass and Cave Junction.
- Meet up with Sheets near Cave Junction or Crescent City and do the hand off and take some photos.
- Stay in Ashland overnight and ride back Sunday.
Tues April 13:
- Leave PDX area to ride to Astoria, do hand off to WA DRBs and return.
Routes may change depending on the weather. Again, email me if you're interested.

Thanks, Kirk

March 16
Thor's Hammer Banner is home on the range.

Posted By: W0QNX <>
Date: 3/16/2004 at 19:37:51

The Missouri riders passed the Banner on to Sauce in Kansas City today. We will do our best to ride it around our state and show it what fresh air and sunshine are like! Ok everyone sing along with me, the Kansas state song.

Home - home on the range where the Standards and the Interstates race. Where seldom is heard a Harley riders pipe and the VALKYRIES play all day.

And finally Oz and Workerbee have a riding partner on the location page. Check it out! The banner will visit the unknown (and most unpopular) fifth "corner" of the U.S. Saturday. 


March 15
Posted By: 2nd6 <>
Date: 3/14/2004 at 16:53:41

Great day to ride. Could have been a little warmer, but the sun was out all day.

First attempt at posting a pic so beat with me....

This is across the river from the capital building in Jefferson City.

Banner and Hammer should be in Columbia by now...

This pic was taken into the sun so it has been heavily retouched, but I wish things were that green......

Jim VRCC#5397
Sho-me Thor's Hammer

Posted By: 2nd6 <>
Date: 3/15/2004 at 19:15:15
Darryl!!!! LOOK OUT

From Left: Dave, Bob, Pat, Darryl, Phil & Me

That's Steve in the middle

Mike our State Leader
March 15

Here is the Missouri group.  The pictures were taken at Ford's Custom Bikes in Cape Girardeau, and the Thor's Hammer, which is seen in the picture, was made by Steve Silvas, the state rep from Tennessee.  Missouri will be the first state that it will be carried through along with the banner.  In the pictures are VRCC members Leander Seuell, Clay Hunter, Mike Wilson and Mike Sheehan.  The hammer was picked up in Caruthersville, MO that morning and brought to Cape Girardeau, and then transported to St. Louis that evening.  It is now in Columbia, MO, and pictures of the ride from St. Louis to Columbia will be forthcoming.
Mike Sheehan

March 14  Actual Hammer Debuts
Here are a few pictures of the Hammer and Hand-off and people. This is where I get a little confused. I believe Sid a.k.a. Thor actually build or got hold of Thor's hammer and it joined the relay here. Another Hammer will be joining the Relay in Maryland, don't want to spoil surprises so more on that when it happens. Anyway here are some cool photos of the Hammer and the Folks moving the Relay Along!

March 13


Ron Brittian SEMO Chapter    Diana Brittian                 Lee                   Bikes Ready to Go

                                   Tennesses Handing off to SEMO

                                   Clay Taking Our (SEMO) Pic so We Took His       Tennessee Greeting SEMO Chapter

March 10

The Saga of THOR's Hammer continues.  Yesterday (March 10th) I (THOR before there was a THOR's Hammer) left Nashville on my way to the Smokey Mountains to hook up with the North Carolina Representative Bill Potter "Still Kicken" for the transfer of the Banner.
On the way I stopped in Cookeville and met up with fellow VRCC member Sid Dixon, "RDD" (Ringa Ding Ding).  We had to make a short stop at a local Bike shop to pick up a face mask and some glove liners, (it was a bit nippy).  Then on to Knoxville and then to Exit 447 just before Ashville NC to meet up with Bill.  It was a beautiful ride (especially after the temp climbed into the 50's). When all was said and done I had clocked 490 miles and the Hammer was safe and sound in Nashville at 8:15 PM.
For those of you who might be interested, I will be meeting a few riders to continue the journey to the MO state line on Sat. March 13th.  We will be hooking up at the Starbucks on Old Hickory Boulevard. 3 miles EAST of I-65 at Nippers Corner Starbucks.  I will be there from 7:00 AM until 8 Drinking Coffee and letting fellow riders sign the Banner.  All are welcome to sign and or join us for part or all of the ride to MO.  We will be going out Rt. 65 to 440 west to 40 west towards Memphis. We will travel 126 miles to Exit # 79 and pick up US 412 west to I-155/ALAmo/Dyersburg. Continue 62.9 miles to a rest stop just over the MO border for the exchange, hopefully before 1:00 PM.  Picture will be taken and anyone who knows of a different route back to I-40 and or Nashville please let me know.  The full ride from Nashville will be 208 miles, 416 or more round trip.. All are welcome. Call me at 615-243-6331 and let me know who and where you want to hook up... Ride safe but ride..!
  Steve Silva (aka THOR)

March 10
Posted By: Still Kickin <>
Date: 3/10/2004 at 19:11:13

Had a beautiful ride through the Smokies this morning from NC over to TN where I met Thor and Sid and passed the Banner on it's merry way! NC added another 488 miles to its journey... Hope TN enjoys the Reelay as much as we did! God Speed!

March 6

March 4 I strapped on the Hammer

I touched and signed the banner today in Columbia and it rode on my bike for 30 miles. Then I sent her on up your way with Wayne. Good guy, hope to meet him again someday. You guys have fun and take care of it. ZekeValk

Thors banner handoff in SC
Here is the banner being handed off to Eric Fazekas in Columbia, SC, today. It was a great day to do a couple of hundred miles. 80 degrees and sunny. Had to wear a short sleve t shirt. The State of SC just smiled because Thor was coming through.....(Oh, Eric is the guy on the left)

Eric signs the banner, Wayne Sloan is the guy in the red shirt, both great guys

And here's the last. It was really a perfect day for riding.....Hope the NC boys can handle the banner as well as we did in SC.

March 3
Posted By: johnhunter44
Date: 3/3/2004 at 16:33:39

Here are some photos taken at the SC/Ga. line of the exchange. Joe Parker is on the left and I am on the right. I am the cool lookin guy with the dark specs on.

Posted By: Joe Parker
Date: 3/3/2004 at 15:51:49

Good Bye! Georgia! - Hello! South Carolina! The "HAMMER" exchange took place at 4pm this afternoon, right on schedule. It is in good hands.

March 3 Thor's Banner in South Carolina
Thor’s Banner arrived safely in South Carolina after it was received at the SC/Ga. line by John Latham of Easley and Cliff Bergeron of Simpsonville at about 4:00 PM today from Joe Parker of the Ga. Riders. The sun was shining and it was about 78 degrees!! Wow, hope the rest of the SC ride is this good! This was the first time we all met and they are a great bunch of guys. (They must ride valks)

The banner will probably leave out around 9:00 AM tomorrow for the trip to our State Capital of Columbia, where it will be handed off to other riders. There is still plenty of room for signatures since the banner has two sides. Oh well, can’t wait until the morning ride. Will update again at that time…….
johnhunter44 (John Latham)

March 3 Thors Banner resting in SC

Posted By: johnhunter44
Date: 3/3/2004 at 15:46:50

Just got back in from receiving Thors Banner. It is now in Easley, SC, for the night. Tomorrow morning, I will be taking it to Columbia, SC, for another handoff and more photos. Will post photos in a few minutes......I have the banner, I have the banner, I have the banner....nana nana na na. Just kidding......

March 3 Colorado makes plans
I am working with Aaron Peterson in Nebraska for the handoff of the banner to Colorado on Sunday, March 21st -- location and time to be determined. Also looking to hand it off to Sixguns from Cheyenne, WY on Saturday, March 27th -- location and time to be determined. Depending upon weather and interest, we may have the banner do some traveling around CO during the week that we have it.

Dave "Valkster" Turley

Posted By: SIXGUNS <>
Date: 3/3/2004 at 21:02:18

In Response To: Thor's Hammer and Colorado (valkster) Providing Banner is on schedule... Handoff to Wyoming on 27'th... I'll dash it over to Salt Lake on the 28'th...
How bout it UTAH? Weather should no doubt be most interesting...

Posted By: Borto <>
Date: 3/4/2004 at 04:07:39

In Response To: Re: Thor's Hammer and Colorado (SIXGUNS)
Hey Sixguns, Waiting in Salt Lake. Give me a call or an e-mail. Salt Lake to Mesquite, how about it Don in Las Vegas, You ready?? Ride safe! Borto.

Posted By: MarkT <>
Date: 3/4/2004 at 00:15:02

Sunday the 21st - that's HCC meeting day. Hmmm, wonder if we could leave from the meeting, run up to the border in a coupla hours, have a big turnout... Weather could be anything this time of year - hope it cooperates.

Posted By: valkster <>
Date: 3/4/2004 at 05:54:34

...Mark, you are right, that is the day of a meeting. If the wx would cooperate, we could make it a great day with a big turnout.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
March 2 Last call for B.C. Hammer relay
Posted By: Brian in B.C. <>
Date: 3/2/2004 at 21:09:49

The of the Thor's Hammer Relay,consisting of Dusty and Moose want to know if there are more B.C. valk riders that want to be involved in the relay. Approximate dates are from April 14 to April 17.Drop me a line at above e-mail or sign up if interested.We are planning a route to involve as many people as possible and it's pretty easy so far.

Re: Last call for B.C. Hammer relay
Posted By: Adrian V <>
Date: 3/3/2004 at 06:05:21

In Response To: Last call for B.C. Hammer relay (Brian in B.C.)  Hi Brian I was talking to the folks at Canadian Biker( were very interested in our relay.Maybe pics and a story.Since they are based out of Victoria BC,could you get in touch with them about the times and your route.A little free promo never hurt anybody.Email the editor or 1 800 667 5667
Happy Trails Adrian V South Western Ontario

March 2 Up date on Thor's Hammer Georgia
Posted By: Joe Parker <>
Date: 3/2/2004 at 16:27:11

The "HAMMER" is resting for the nite in Cleveland,Ga. At 4:15am it will take a little Valk. ride with me to work in Norcross, Ga. At 2pm we will head out to the S.C. border {80 miles or so] for a 4pm meeting with my S.C. counterpart - John Latham. I hope to meet the "HAMMER" again in KY., this July!

March 1 Georgia, I added a pin to the Hammer
Posted By: Britman <>
Date: 3/1/2004 at 08:51:03

Atlanta is the home of The Coca-Cola Company.

February 29 Macon Handoff

Posted By: Wingman507 (Ga) <>
Date: 2/29/2004 at 14:48:42
Ok.. So I'm late This is me signing the banner. 225 banner miles from Folkston to Macon.

Wingman to SimTek (Don)
Thor's Hammer thru Georgia Photo Album

February 29
A few of us are meeting at 3pm Sunday, Feb 29th. Malones Grill & Bar Atlanta Airport Area 404-762-5577 1258 Virginia Ave., College Park, GA 30337

Riding up to Turner Field and the State Capitol. Then I'll have the banner for a day before handing off to Joey Parker on March 2nd in Norcross.
I am about one hour and 15min. north of Macon about exit 218 let me know when you would be passing thru and i'll overtake you on the interstate. Will see you between 1:30 and 2 pm at exi 218 i'll come down the on ramp i'll be on one bad a$$ black valk

770-897-0838 woodie(4692)

February 28
The Florida VRCC gang passed the hammer to Wingman from Georgia at 3PM today. The handoff took place at the FL-GA border at US 1 bridge over the St Mary's river.
We even had a Rune riding with us from Daytona to St Augustine. This after a viewing of the banner at the Sunshine mall in Daytona during Bike Week. As mentioned before the pictures will be forthcoming. Most of the camera owners at bikeweek and not near their computers. When the idea of the hammer was broached it sounded like a lot of fun. It ended up being even more fun that expected. Look forward to watching the hammer's travels through the rest of it's journey.

Lone Wolf

Thor's Hammer is resting in Sylvester Ga tonight. Will go north tomorrow. Thor will be in Atlanta at 3pm on Sunday, Feb 29
Joey :D
VRCC # 11845
Here's the Banner in St. Augustine, Fl. on a sunny, cold and breezy Sat. afternoon.
Next stop, Jawja!!
Michael Keslar
VRCC# 8997

Thanks to all of the Florida riders for the timely delivery of the Hammer to the Georgia line. We in Georgia will now make our contribution to it's journey. I hope we don't have the adverse weather to deal with that our Brothers and Sisters to the south of us had to deal with.. but if we do, may we have the same success (read: determination) as Florida! Thanks to Lonewolf and Swoppie for making the trek through Florida a success. The Hammer sleeps in Sylvester Ga tonight. Tomorrow Atlanta.

I invited Governor Sonny Purdue to the hand-off but he declined. In the photo is (Left to right) Easygoer (Paul), Wingman (Joey), I can't remember (sorry), Diane Palm, Gary Palm, Lonewolf (John). The beautiful black and chrome phat lady is mine. My apologies if I didn't get this right.

This is the entrance to the Okeefenokee Swamp. The source of the Swanee River. This park resides just south of the largest city,in the largest county,in the largest state east of the Mississippi! Waycross Ga. :D Big Grin

February 27
Friday morning dawned clear but by the time we left the Ft Lauderdale after breakfast it turned colder and was drizzling. The precipitation stopped but the cloud and cold temps remained (and got colder). G-Man and Lone Wolf ran up to West Palm where the hammer was handed off to Jay who in turn carried the hammer to Ft Pierce. Florida Jim picked up the hammer and accompanied by Lone Wolf, proceeded to Yehaw Junction via Okkechobee.

At Yehaw Junction we met up with Tom Carlson who carried the hammer north to Gatorland in Orlando. In what must surely be a Valkyrie first, we posed with the banner accompanied by a 4 foot Gator who made his feelings known by peeing on TC's bike. According to the folks at Gatorland his bike was "Gator Aided". Not to be outdone the brave Valkyrie riders (TC, Fl Jim, John Schmidt and Lone Wolf) proceeded to find a 10 foot gator and wrestle it into submission while posing with the banner. The gator tried to eat the hammer bag but the VRCCers prevailed. Thanks to the folks at Gatorland for letting us have fun with the gators.

After cleaning the seat on TC's bike, the hammer was handed over to John Schimdt and accompanied by Tom and Lone Wolf we proceeded to Daytona. As far as any of our frozen brains can remember we passed a sign that said 44 degrees.

John, Tom, Wolf, and Ding are spending the night with Fred (DD) and we will be going to the Sunshine Mall at 9AM tomorrow.

There are many pictures but since we are away from home at Bike Week, it may take a few days until we get back to our own computers and are able to upload them. They will be worth the wait! We did send some Key West pictures to the hammer news but I don't see them on the site yet.

Thats all for tonight from the Florida VRCC gang.

Lone Wolf

Thor's Hammer in Indiana and Michigan
Any of You Frozen Northern Indiana Valk Riders Want to Meet for Brunch somewhere around the HD Dealer off of I-69 to discuss the upcoming Indiana Thor's Hammer Hand-off? Goes for any of you Michiganites that will be interested in receiving the Hammer from the Indiana Riders. Maybe we can do brunch or just chat over a cup of coffee.

February 26
The Hammer was delivered to "The Southernmost Point in the United States", the southeast corner by Lonewolf(John W. Graham), GmanF6C(Gary E. Williams) & Woody(Douglas F. Woodward) of the Florida VRCC. As you can see by the photographs the rain has parted and sunburn prevailed for all in attendance.

We were the most notable tourist's in Key West today and have put the hammer to sleep for the night in Ft. Lauderdale. Will be starting the last day of travel to Daytona Beach tomorrow and the arrival at the Sunshine Mall during Bike Week festivities. See attached photographs at the Micosukee Casino in Miami and at Key West.

February 25
Hammer is currently housed in Cape Coral, Fl. Leaves for Key West tomorrow morning at 6:35


February 24

Howard and I left Tallahassee this morning at 9:00 and headed for Crystal River 170 miles away to deliver Thor’s Hammer to its next courier. I thought, “only a good friend and avid biker would voluntarily do a long ride with me on a day like this one was expected to be, weather-wise.”

Ding Makes his Mark.
A heavy downpour had just moved through so I thought we might get lucky. It drizzled all the way to Perry and then the sun broke through. “All right!” I thought, “The weather-gods are with us.” But not for long – by the time we reached Chiefland, the sky was black as night.

The closer we got to Crystal River, the harder it seemed to pour, slowing our speed to 40 mph sometimes. Any faster would have been stupid. Denny’s Restaurant, our hand-off point, wasn’t the least bit photogenic, but at least it was warm and dry inside!

Howard says "Cheese"
After lunch with Deano and Tammy, we signed the Hammer, took the obligatory photos of the hand-off and pointed the Valkyries north for the return trip to Tallahassee. The ride home was very much like the ride going - drizzle to downpour and back to drizzle again. The bikes ran flawlessly (was there ever any doubt) and our rain suits kept us dry. That is, except for the tear I discovered in my Frogg Togg pants giving me a strategically placed wet spot that would have caused me great embarrassment, if I’d removed them.

I placed a small pin on the hammer’s pouch near the crest that says simply “The Best” – in homage to this club, the bike it’s built around and the countless friendships that have been and will be forged because of them.

February 23
Let me dry out and get the pics loaded but FLORIDA now has the HAMMER. Nasty Nannie and I picked it up and took it over to Ding in Tally. Nice ride until we got to Bluntstown....Then the wet stuff hit us...More about that later. be careful the next couple of days I hear the wet stuff is here for a while BE VERY CAREFUL.   The ride up to the FLorida Welcome Center was enjoyable as was the ride on over tally to hand the Hammer off to Ding. We met James and Andy,exchanged greetings and talked about this and that seeing as we have not seen each other since the 2002 Cheaha Rally Weekend. My how times flies. Nice guys though!!

MaryJo and I then headed off to Tally to meet with Ding for lunch at SMOKEY BONES and hand off the HAMMER.
No rain yet so we are still smiling up until we arrive in Bluntstown then it falls upon us.
Careful riding all the way until I pull off and MaryJo continues down 231 while I tackle 390 towards the beach. All is fine, slow snails pace but I am moving along. Up until I get by the College on 98 and I see the back up on the bridge and I feel the Wind Gusts. Hunker down I says and proceed.

I just get to the top of the bridge and then it hits me a gust out of nowhere and me knee is on the concrete arms streched out to the left trying to hold her up....Out of nowhere this man in Fatigues comes up to help me and we get the bike up ( it never did actually touch down) and he explains to me how he rides a ROADKING he can relate. All the while we are at a snailpace and when we are stopped he runs up to give me kimwipes to wipe off my glasses and the windshield PLUS straddles the center lane to keep traffic off of me WHAT A HELLVA DECENT MAN!!!!
He follows me till I turn off and does the head light blink! Not sure where he is stationed But what a Friend I would like to get to know better!!!

Anyway you all be careful the next few days while riding to get this hammer through the state.  Take lots of pictures and we will all have stories.  SEE MORE PHOTOS

February 22

just got back from Thor handoff to Dothan team... here are some pics, first....the gang and the banner at Lake Martin...Redvalk

..the banner at the Lake...about 30 miles north of Montgomery. That's Woody looking on........

The handoff between Redvalk (right) to Andy from Dothan (left)...and it's off to Dothan and then Florida!

February 20
Here is the Florida route for the banner. Note it ls leaving Florida through Fokston GA (on US #1). Monday 23rd Enters Florida, Monday night in Tallahassee Florida Monday at 9AM. Tuesday night in Inverness Florida Wednesday Night in Ft Myers Thursday - To Key West and back to Ft Lauderdale Friday - Ft Lauderdale up 95 to Ft Pierce then in to Orlando on back roads and up to Daytona for Friday night.
Thor's Banner Saturday - At Sunshine Mall 9:00AM to 11AM at the Ultimate Seat Booth, then up A1A to St Augustine, then to Jax and up to Fokstin GA for 2:30 PM hand off 

February 19
Thor's Hammer in Alabama
Handed it to Alabama today. Mavrick meet me there and had a friend of mine taking the pictures. Here's a few
David (Warlock)

February 18
Plans from Florida------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thor's Hammer Enters Mississippi
Picked up the banner from Louisiana today and still running the route I sent you.
Heading to Alabama tomorrow. Here is a few pictures  David (Warlock)

February 14
Just got word from Jack in New Orleans. We are handing off either Tuesday or Wednesday in Kentwood,La. around 3:30 PM. If anyone wants to help with the relay drop me a e-mail or let me know something here. I going to send OZ a e-mail Monday on which route I'm taking. I can go thru Jackson or Hattiesburg.

February 13
The hammer is in LAKE CHARLES, LA. this eve VALKYRIE JOHN,

Due to WEATHER I [Ron Moore] handed off to "TB" and "John" at Natchitoches, Louisiana at noon today. John is from Lake Charles and will carry Thor's Banner into Lake Charles, Louisiana for the night at least. I took the Banner by G & C HONDA this am for a pic or two and it was a little "nippy" on the road. Thanks all for the FUN and see all on the road.
Ron Moore

Announcement: Larry Bahr 1-701-439-24444 could run from Canadian border on I-29 South Dakota border or anyplace in between Bismarck ND to St Cloud MN 0n I-94 I ride a Valkyrie Trike and 100% disabled Nam Vet Call 18887346296 or 17014392444

February 12
At around 1pm Feb 12, 2004 the THOR'S BANNER was handed off from Gregg Buchanan [Curley Wolf ] Ark. to Ron Moore [ 2-CUP ] Louisiana. I brought the Banner to Shreveport, Louisiana and will take it by local G & C HONDA for some pic's on Feb 13, 2004 and meet and hand off to some South Louisiana Valk Riders on Feb 14, 2004 in Leesville, Louisiana. Any questions just e-mail me. Thanks for the FUN.

February 11

Date: 02/11/04 08:37:24
Tomorrow I [Ron Moore//2-CUP] will pick up the Banner from Gregg at the Ark. La. line just north of Springhill,La. on Hwy 371. and bring it back to Shreveport,La. Friday I will take a few pic's at G & C Honda and Sat am Myself and Bruce Pincock will take the Banner south to Leesville,La. to hand off to the south La. group headed up by J.P. Sonnier.
We might have to do all this by boat as there has been some rain.

I was handed the Banner today From Gregg Buchanan [Curley Wolf ] of Ark. at around 1300 hours and I will pass it on Sat to a group of South Louisiana Valk Riders. The Banner is in Shreveport, Louisiana for now. Had a great visit and lunch with Gregg and if we would have talked much longer we would have found KIN-FOLKS.
Thanks for the FUN.
Ron Moore

WOW, WHAT A DAY!!! Had a great ride to meet 2 CUP in Springhill, LA. And, Ron, you're right, if we'd visited any longer----Who knows???? On way home, I stopped off and visited with my old College football coach. Had such a good time, I just got home a few minutes ago. Yes, it was a little bit cold riding in after dark---BUT WELL WORTH IT!!
Curly Wolf

BTW, the Banner is now in Shreveport, LA.  This has been really great even though the weather was really cold riding Sunday from the northern part of Arkansas south to El Dorado where I live.  Today wasn't near as bad.  The GREAT part is the chance to meet some other VRCC members in OK, AR and LA that I'd not have met without the relay
My thanks!
Gregg Buchanan - Curley Wolf


February 9
Ron Blacksmith and Fred "Mac" McClellan, from Newport,AR. At state capitol hand off to Curley Wolf.

Click the Photos to read the comments and see larger version


February 8

February 7-8

February  6
Well, its almost time for use Okies to do our part in the big Valkyrie Relay! We'll depart OKC saturday morning to meet the TX folks, and then off to Arkieland on Sunday. I was just checking the mileage to see how many miles I would be riding..... Right at 900 miles for me...home to back home! Pictures and a report when I return home sunday or monday.

W0QNX(Raymond) is off chasing bikini's down in Florida while his wife is in a training class down there. He left me with the keys to drive the banner location page.
Its a day early for an update as Texas still has it until tomorrow, but I'll be leaving home today and won't be able to update it tomorrow. Its in Oklahoma this weekend, and Arkansas takes off with it Sunday afternoon......

I just wanted to say thanks to Jimmy Curtin, WinterHawk, and the rest of the Texas group for a great lunch and banner handoff this weekend.
My hat is off to the Texas/DFW chapter. They represented the VRCC on this run with class! You guys should be very proud!
-Scott-Scott in Oklahoma.

February 5

That's Reliant Stadium in the background. Good luck to Mr. & Mrs. Bubbles on their trek to Centerville tomorrow!

Hammer Signing in Houston: From Left to Right: Mrs. Torqued, Mr. Bubbles, Bill from near Magnolia.

Hammer Hand-off in Rosenberg TX: Met up w/ mrider in Rosenberg, TX this afternoon.

February 4 Thor's Hammer Moves on

I pick up the banner from brinks in San Marcus Tx,at noon an head south down FM80 then turned on FM183 droped down to Gonzales TX.From there i took HW90 an ziged zaged up FM155 to La Grange Tx then over to HW71 south back to I10 an east to Wallis it was a wet ride but a damn good one,252 miles OHH YEHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here are a few shots of Thor's Hammer Banner as it makes its way through Texas.. Winterhawk
Glenrio, TX
Austin, TX Rick & Mark with banner. Thanks to Paul for taking our picture.

San Antonio, TX... Alamo, oZ not sure???

Signing the Banner: Valkyrick

February 2

Thor's Hammer Banner was handed off from Don Hardin (Spike) to fellow DFW VRCC member Rick Janoe (Valkricky) in front of South Fork Ranch of "Dallas" TV Fame. The banner's next stop is Austin, TX on Tuesday for a Capitol moment.
January 28 thru 31, Thor's Hammer in New Mexico...
Click Here!


January 28, Thor's Relay handed off to New Mexico  Click Here to See New Mexico Hand Off Picks
Tonight the relay rests in Ruidoso, NM. The Hammer will be in Albuquerque on Fri. and on to Texas on Sat. Stories to follow.

January 26 Hand-Off at California/Arizona Border
Dennis from Blythe handing the banner off to Psycho (Michael from Phoenix) Picture taken by John "Thing"

George, aka "Nauti-Brit has taken carried the Relay from Chino CA to San Ysidro CA for our south western corner leg in our attempt to go thru each corner of the contiguous U.S. Having succeded in that NautiBrit met up with Dennis from Blythe where the relay is for a few hours in Blythe California. Below is photo of Dennis From Blythe recieveing the Relay Pouch from NautiBrit.

NEXT UP. Dennis to hand off the Relay Pouch at the Arizona Border

January 24, 2004 FIRST LEG:
Workerbee and I rode the first leg in California, from San Dimas to Chino... grand total in miles 13!  They're we met up with the SoCal Group who had just pulled in from a group ride up thru the mountains.  After lunch and raffle we officially handed off the banner to the next rider, George a.k.a. NautiBrit (originally from G.B.) who will ride to San Diego to Mexican border to cover our first corner in the U.S. He is taking a photo in front of the border or in front of a post office to prove he was there.

January 25, George "Nautbrit" At the first corner in America San Ysidro, CA

Next up George runs it to the California border town of Blythe, where he hands the goods off to "Dennis from Blythe"... He documents his travels with a Sharpie Permanent Marker pen adds his signature and it's Dennis's responsibility. Dennis will move the relay into Arizona were folks there including F6Gal and Psycho will move it on to New Mexico..... in time.

The relay is now at rest in Laguna Niguel Information for the Map Dude to update the map tomorrow evening the Relay will be in Blythe California for the evening. :) Smile    The Valkyrie Relay Across America is up and running!

Watch for more news and information... Oh by the way based on a suggestion off the board I signed the Banner in the upper right hand corner

Click on photos below to see higher resolutions. May take a minute to load as I kept these kind of HiRes.

Special thanks to Lyn and Mark of CAT Specialties for gifts and coordination and to Andy and Justin of Viking Motorcycle for supporting the day's events and big thanks to Joe for planning and managing the event, and while I'm at it great job Stump (Ed Banaka) for the web support. Oh, and I'm famous for forgetting this, thanks Connie a.k.a. F6Gal for working so hard on all of this! Got to mention Psycho who rode here from Arizona to make sure all went well and Dan for keeping an eye on him.Oh yea I almost forgot Big BF was there keeping and eye on Dan keeping an eye on Psycho.

And were off

Workerbee and oZ getting ready to make the first leg of the relay.

The Banner

Unfurling the banner for the first time in public in front of about 60 SoCal VRCC members.VRCC members Greg, Joe and Big Mac are witnesses to this event

oZ Signs the Banner

First rider marks the banner, where and to we took it, how far and signature.

Final Touches

Banner Signed

Greg on left fearless leader of the SoCal Chapter and Joe Mr. Fix Anything and spiritual leader for the day.

oZ sharing the Banner with George a.k.a. "NautiBrit"

And the hand-off is made.

George to take the relay to the border of California and Mexico south east of San Diego to make our first corner in the U.S.. Then he'll move it forward to Blythe a border town in Californa next to Arizona. Dennis will carry it on from there.

 Photo Library



No we only have one

Just wanted to make a collage of different shots of the banner


On right side of banner on both front and back

Valkyrie Relay Banner

On left side of banner on both front and back.

Size comparison

On desk with keyboard. Keep a nice desk don't I?


Hanging from the handle bar grip

In Pouch

On Bike

Placed on seat for size comparison

Documentation Explanation:
I realize it is a little late to get this started (unless someone is already doing it). But I'm going to volunteer to be the 'recording secretary' for the Hammer Run.
If each member who has carried the banner will send me an email ( with the subject "VRCC Hammer Run" and the following information:

Name & Handle of the Hammer Bearer
Starting city
Ending city
Miles traveled
Names & Handles of those in the escort
Optionally the route you took

I'll record the route in Streets & Maps and create a spreadsheet or some such to record the other information. That is if someone is not already doing it... Whaddya think?

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