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Starter button failure.............. Long story,

Posted by Valkrocket POT BOH on Tue - Apr 10 - 10:56pm:

get some coffee before reading.

Well I read the posts on the tech board (thank God) and even was thinking about doing the switch maintenance that Chet said everyone should do, but I was having too much fun now that PMS is over. Today, the unthinkable happened. My Valk broke down. I went out for a quick rip to the waterfront and shut my engine down to enjoy the peace and serenity. Well I got what I wanted all right, no sound from my lady. She had cooked her starter button and it was locked in place. Now what, Mr. you think you know everything?????????
Thoughts going through my head....... $70 for a tow: can't let any Harleys see me broke down here: who can I call with a trailer: Is there a hill I can jump start her on (not at sea level dummy) Can I push her 12 miles home (yeah right, I still think I'm 25).

I call Weymouth Honda on my cell phone and they tell me they don't carry the button in stock. Will take 6 days to get at the tune of $75. Gulp. Fight back the flashes of panic and think.
Got to get to a computer and log onto the vrcc tech page, hummmmmm. My office is 2 blocks away but I can't leave 2 maidens here alone. THINK!!!!!!!
Well as most of you know I'm not afraid to do my own maintenance, but in the middle of nowhere without my garage and tool box????????? My wife gave me one of those all purpose tools for xmas one year and I keep it in my bags, so why not give it a try?????????? Ever seen a doctor operate with a chain saw? Several people in Plymouth this afternoon witnessed just that. I took the entire switch housing apart and found my melted down starter switch inside. I pried it apart, scraped the contacts and swallowed hard. Being born in Boston, I know a thing or two about starting a car without keys (Street savvy 101. I asked a woman if she had any bobby pins and she started laughing at me( I didn't know they don't use them anymore) she did have a safety pin which I proceeded to use to hot wire the starter. She fired right up, great. Now I have to put the housing back together and I got no headlight (it is tied into the starter switch) Put the cooked switch in my pocket to show the Honda dealer and cruised home to the sanctuary of my garage. Oh well, there are worse things in life to have happen.
Anyways what I am trying to say here gang is do your switch maintenance. Especially if you have added a light bar that wires into the headlight (apparantly the load was too much for the starter/headlight switch to handle). Chet has the directions on his rattlebars page and it will prevent you from the embarrassment and grief I went through today. Total time is 20 minutes and really is not that hard to do. If you need any help, I think I can qualify myself as a hands on advisor to you.

Trying to Glide-on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Valkrocket #401

P.S. Weymouth Honda said the part would be covered under my 3 year warranty. I just gotta hot wire her for 6 more days till it comes in :>(  F6Rider Webzine    ShopTalk    Just Pics    Valkyrie Hot Links 


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