Attention: State Reps, Area Reps (Chapter Reps), Country Reps and Webmasters

We have created a Password Protected VRCC ADMINISTRATION  Internet Website Application for you!!!

Now you will have the power you need to Get the Job Done!!

The VRCC ADMIN TOOLS image you see below is the home page for the Rep Tools interface. Below it are some basic instructions on the operation of this exciting application. Please bookmark this page until you are familiar with how everything works.


If you want to dive right in... click here; and bookmark it or save it to your favorites. This is the Admin Tools login page. If you don't remember your VRCC Member Number and Password, no problem, just use the "CLICK HERE" links on the page to get help finding them. Once you've logged in, click around and check it out!


Remember if anything is confusing, come back here to review the instructions below the picture.



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Group Email






Welcome (your first name)!
State Representative for (your state)

Other Helpful Links
Note: Links open in new window.

State Rep Message Board
Communicate with other state and chapter reps.

VRCC Ride/Event Order Form
Use this form for Requesting support from 
the National Level of the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club 
for a Local Event, Ride or Rally.

Contact the VRCC Country, State & Local Area Rep Coordinator
We'll be glad  to help you with your Country State or Local Area

Contact the VRCC Support Staff



State Rep Message Board is a Message Board just for reps!  This will take you to the brand new reps only message board.  Take a moment and read the welcome. One of the great things about this forum is that it will enable you to communicate with other state and area reps all over the world, because what works in Ct. might not work in Ca., but might work in Canada.  Please use the board, talk with one another, bounce ideas around, even sound off about issues in your state or ideas you have for the club. This is your place to be sure to be heard by the VRCC staff and management.


VRCC Ride/Event Order Form*** will take you to the VRCC Ride/Event Form. The form requests information about your upcoming ride; the date, the starting location, the ending location, the ride leader etc.  Now the decision to use, or not use, this form is completely voluntary, however the advantages of utilizing this form when leading rides for the VRCC are multiple.

Here are 3 excellent ones:

1)      VRCC Central will help promote your ride via the general message board and/or creating a specific web page promoting your ride. This will ensure your event receives the maximum amount of exposure possible. 

2)      VRCC Central will help contact supporting vendors to ensure your events have “give-aways” available.

3)  VRCC Central will help you with web pages and art work if you need it.

***When submitting the Sanction form, you must be patient while the information you've provided is entered in our database. You will know it has processed when you receive the confirm url - when the form has been successfully submitted you will see; "Form Confirmation - Thank you for submitting the following information:"


Contact the VRCC Country, State & Local Area Rep Coordinator is another way to contact the national and Intl. VRCC Rep coordinator.  We will help you get your chapter up and moving. 


Now that you’ve seen the tools on the main page, take a look at the links on the left side of the page. 

Home  That's what we just reviewed :).

Search for Member allows you to search for a member in your state.  Simply enter the info you know, whether it is member #, handle, first name, etc.  Hit the search button and Voila, your search yields you the member’s name, handle, city he lives, and email address.

Group Email is the mass email many of you have been waiting for!! It will allow State Reps to email all the members in a state.  Click on the group email link and you’ll be directed to group emailing utility.  Here you have the option of mailing one member individually or the whole state collectively.  If you want to email one person, after the “Send email to:” select the “individual” button, type his email address in the TO box, enter your subject, greeting, body of message and click send. If you want to send a mass email to the whole state, select the Email list button, type in your subject, greeting, body of message, and click send.  Every member in the state will receive your message.  Even if the member signed up minutes before you send the mass email, he will be included because the mass email application pulls the addresses from our membership database.  No need for you to cut and paste 100s of names into  your email anymore or use a different email list!  Plus, members who do not want to get announcements have the ability to opt out, so you won't bug them with your next announcement.
It is very important that you wait for the program to complete or it will not be received by anyone. As it works, it generates a list of the email addresses it is being sent to. When it is done, the browser will show "Done" in the status bar at the bottom, it will show all the email addresses sent & the number of emails sent. Besides being the "from" you should also receive a copy of what you have sent to verify it was mailed.

Some of you also asked how the email addresses are managed considering many in our database are inaccurate for many reasons. The addresses listed by the program after sending are only those that actually received the email. You will not receive any returns from bad email addresses. We suggest this footer on every email "-- "To be removed from the state email list please go to
and enter the Change Member Info section. Near the bottom you can select to receive All (state & national), Important (national), or None of the VRCC email."

Questions- If you have any questions about any of these tools or ideas for other tools you'd like to see, click on the questions link on the left side of the page. An email will be sent to the Representative's Support Staff.

We at VRCC central hope you will take advantage of the resources provided.  Our goal is to build a bigger and better VRCC and we cannot do it without the support of all our representatives. 

Our club is growing fast and our goals are very lofty.  We want to model this club after the Valkyrie itself, and to make it simply: “The Best In Its Class”!

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