David D'Angelo

As I stand here today to lay my best friend to rest
I will send a part of me with him
I will no longer look to my left and see his smile
as we face the wind
and ride the miles
I will not call him and say "let's go"
nor will I call Alicia and say
Can David come out and play

Today and from here on
I will take a part of David with me
I will close my eyes
and see him smile
I will miss a turn
and here the wind laugh
I will think of this day
and hear him say "stop it"
the clouds will pass
and I will hear the road call
and David will say
Paul, it's time to play
My Best Friend

He knew my faults
and he accepted them
and he exploited them
He knew how to get me going
and how to reel me back in
He laughed at my foolishness
and questioned my crazy ideas
And I could count on him to make them work
we would ride three hours in the rain
and he would tell what a great ride it was
no weather was bad
or road too far
if there was a friend on the other side
Always with a smile
sometimes crooked
but always bright
He would see the sun behind the clouds
he could see the right in turning left
He showed me how to be free
while still tending commitments
I saw what true love is
when I saw him with his wife and children
He enjoyed motorcycling
but loved being a husband and Dad most of all
I hope he enjoyed being my friend
for I loved that he was
My Guide, My Confidant, My Brother,
My Best Friend

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