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One of those embarrassing moments...

Posted By: Mark@CATSTORE <>
Date: 11/1/2001 at 15:27:22


Since getting back from Bakersfield I've had my bike in the back here at work. Well, yesterday someone scuffed the tank carrying some boxes. I don't know who yet, but the investigation continues.
Well after that happened, I got a ride to work today so I could take my bike home (It's not safe here at work you know). I had to go to the bank today so I rode the Valk, not having my regular riding regalia, I was wearing Skechers, I pull up in front of the bank, set down the kickstand, get off, and watch the bike fall over! The kickstand didn't stay down, Damn Skechers!
So I'm trying to get the bike back up, all the while peering into the bank, through the tinted windows, wondering if anyone had seen, after about 45 seconds of straining, 2 tellers come out and help me upright the bike. "Nice bike", one observes.
After thanking him I go inside and try to remain inconspicuous.

One of the female tellers smiles broadly at me. "I hope no one noticed," I mutter softly.

"I did! I saw the whole thing," a very elderly, and I stress the word elderly, lady at the teller line bellows out. She continues, "See, women aren't the only ones who make mistakes!"

With my deer in headlights look I glanced around.
"Thanks for noticing", I said as copious bouts of laughter ensued...

That was the longest bank line I was ever in...

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