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So you think your ready to have your own web page. We can help!

We had some members ask some very good questions, we have answered these questions and have added a few to it. Read these over before you decide if you want to have a URL, Thanks

We have been having so many problems with FTP that we are no longer offering webpages to those who use FTP for editing, Sorry


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why are you doing this?
A: One reason is it is just another great way to show our support for all the great things our chapters and members do for the VRCC. It will also give our members an easy URL to tell their friends to go to. Instead of saying "go to http://www.myfreewebsite/member/club/vrcc/wi" you can tell them "go to" and it will take them right there. 
Q:  Do we lose any autonomy to create the state web site or personal web site the way we want?  Many have similarities to the design of or but some are structured and organized differently.  
A: You are free to design your site any way you want to. We will give you pointers on how to do it if you have never built a web page before, but it is still your web page. All we ask is that you keep the content clean and that you hold true to the VRCC Mission Statement. We also ask that you have a banner to the VRCC Parts Store and the F6Rider Store, this is how we pay for this.
Q:  What do I do with the domain name that I paid for?  Now that we have traffic at, we would hate to loose that identity.  Is there a way to re-direct our URL to your web server(s) so that we can continue to direct traffic to our site, but still have you host it?
A: It looks like all we can do at this time is have you put a link back to your new URL from your old site. It may be best to just leave your site the way it is if you don't have a funky URL now. This is setup more for the folks that want to get off of a free site that has nothing to do with motorcycles and have those irritating popup banners. If you are on one of those sites, the best thing to do is clear the page and point them back to
Q:  Is it your desire to take advantage of our state chapter sites to pump up page view counts for your national site?  Generally speaking, a site gains market value the more traffic it consolidates and controls.  
A: Of course our page views will go up by doing this, but we now receive over 4 million hits a month now on F6Rider and ValkyrieRiders. Most of the chapter pages I have looked at have less than a 1000 hits since they have been up. By placing your page on our server you will have the power of the good placement in all of the major search engines. We come up top 10 in most all of them. Your site will be easy to find because of this.  

Q: Okay, so what do I need to get my web page going?
What I need from you is a name that you want at the end of Make it easy for folks to remember. If this is a chapter site it will have the state abbreviation at the end. Then I need a "User Name" and "Password", this is how you login and edit your site.

Q: How do I edit my site?
 MS Front Page  is what we use to build our sites, and that's what we know. If you using anything else, your on your own. This is on an NT server so you will be able to use MS extensions.

We have been having so many problems with FTP that we are no longer offering webpages to those who use FTP for editing, Sorry