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Harley Rider addicted to Valk....Must read!!! :) Smile

Posted By: Baby Dave <>
Date: 11/7/2001 at 05:16:46


So there I was sitting in the garage on a Friday afternoon staring in awe at the new Interstate that's now finally mine. Key in hand and anxious to take her out for the first time a voice comes from behind me sounding distinctly like my father (who owns a 2000 Ultra Classic),

"Can I take it for a test ride?"

"Sure" I said, so I gave him the keys and off he went. He came back about 15 min. later, then I took her out for the rest of the day.

The next day I drove the Fat Lady to work and answered some "wow, what's that?" and "what kind of Harley is that" questions. At the end of the day drove her home to find my Pops standing in the Driveway with his helmet...

"Ok my turn! Let me take it for a real ride this time, that ok with you?"

"Ok, that's fine", So off he went again, longer ride this time, and an ear to ear smile on his face when he came back.

Well finally, the next day at work I was milling about my business when I get an email from my father (who works at the same company as me)...

"HOW ABOUT I RIDE THE VALK HOME AND YOU DRIVE MY TRUCK............................."

Yes that's the actual e-mail LOL, anyway I went over to his office at another building and started to chat with him. I told him the the Valk was mine today :) Smile and I needed to find some twisties. We started joking around a bit and I brought up a comment,

"Ya know, if you keep wanting to ride the Valk you might just have to sell your Hog and buy yourself a Valkyrie or one of those new Wings."

He looked at me, smiled, and said "I am..." (He told me he already had a couple of 'practice' adds for his Harley written up) :) Smile Look for a Harley to Honda story soon!!

Ride Safe,

Baby Dave