Written by Jim Morse on Mon - Jun 26 - 09:02am:

On the VRCC Message Board Just got back from Honda Hoot! Great time, enjoyed meeting Lamont and Chris.

Downer: Motorcyclist Magazine reviewer was killed when a truck forced him into a guardrail on I-40 coming back into Asheville. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends. Very tragic. Truck kept going after accident.

Fantastic: Initiated the I/S at the Dragon (Deal's Gap). Biggest thrill you can have with your pants on! What a ride! Thanks to my buddies for the great time and ride!

Near Miss: Leaving Sun. a.m., about 50 miles west on I-40. I was moving with a line of cars in left lane, passing a semi truck. My buddy was behind me. Just as I got about along side the cab, the driver starts pulling into my lane. NO turn signal or indication that he was going to change lanes. My buddy was not at risk as he was behind the truck still. I laid on the air horns and the trucker thankfully responded by returning to his lane. I was very tempted to give him the one finger salute, but the idea of jousting with an 18 wheeler was not appealing. Better to arrive alive.

Bottom line: If you do any interstate traveling, GET SOME AIRHORNS! And if not, still get them! The stock horn is anemic and and worthless. Honda should be ashamed to build such a beautiful machine and then put such a pitiful horn on it. THANKYOU RIVCO and any other air horn manufacturers. Drive safe people, you never know! back


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