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Posted by Jim M on Sun - Sep 17 - 3:25pm: In Reply to: 1st Hoosier Valkyrie Ride In a Huge Success! posted by Scott on Sun - Sep 17 - 10:58am:

Big round of applause and thanks to the people that worked so hard to pull this off: Paul Weber and Scott Townsend. Second big round of applause to Hal at the VRCC Store for his contributions and to Oz for his VRCC contributions to the event. Also to Paul for his contributions to the cause from the PNT Hobby Shop.

This was truly spectacular to see nearly 50 Valkyries running through the twisties of Brown County, IN. I had the honor to lead the group along the ride route and let me tell you, IT WAS FANTASTIC seeing that trail of 50 Valk headlights behind me. I still get chills thinking about the sight. The comraderie of that many Valk riders all in one location was just super.

We swapped stories, tips, showed each other our customization of our rides. Plenty of sight seeing and shopping to be had in little Nashville, too (leather what else?) and good food. Generally we had a great time. It ended way too soon, can't wait till next year to so it again. THANKS again guys!

Jim M aka MooOSfa VRCC #506

Posted by Bill on Sun - Sep 17 - 7:38pm: In Reply to: 1st Hoosier Valkyrie Ride In a Huge Success! posted by Scott on Sun - Sep 17 - 10:58am:

I rode through the night to get to this ride, and it was one of the most awsome sights, sounds, and events I have had the pleasure to attend. Thank you everyone involved. I will be there early and stay late next time -- even if I have to quit my job! -- weekend job that is. Gotta get more Valks.

Posted by DonB on Sun - Sep 17 - 8:45pm: In Reply to: 1st Hoosier Valkyrie Ride In a Huge Success! posted by Scott on Sun - Sep 17 - 10:58am:

You did a helluva job and the turnout was great! Paul kepp us out till all hours but we made it home by 1:30am. I've sent a buch of pix to you (Scott) for use on the web page. I'd have sent them sooner, but we had to ride to the AMA Museum to meet RP, Mike, Dan, et al. A loooong 2 days. Look forward to next years event!

Posted by LT on Sun - Sep 17 - 9:24pm: In Reply to: 1st Hoosier Valkyrie Ride In a Huge Success! posted by Scott on Sun - Sep 17 - 10:58am:

Top of the Evening ... A great Job well done to everyone. You and hoosier daddy did a great job getting this ride organized - everthing from the routes and maps to the weather. Had a great ride with you guys up 65 north and around Indy as well. Look to do it again soon. Leif.

Posted by Dave Ritsema on Mon - Sep 18 - 07:56am: In Reply to: OVERWHELMED!!! (long) posted by Hoosier Daddy on Sun - Sep 17 - 10:56pm:

Thanks again to Paul, Scott and all the others that put this ride together. I had a great time. (Although it was a bit exciting for a minute there) It was great to meet people and put a face with the name. Don B , it was nice to finally meet you and Becky. The ride home was uneventful, but that last 100 miles in the dark from Kokomo had me a little nervous after the first deer ran out in front of the car ahead of me. There was NO problem staying awake the rest of the way home after seeing that. See ya next year! Dave

Posted by DonB on Mon - Sep 18 - 10:27am: In Reply to: OVERWHELMED!!! (long) posted by Hoosier Daddy on Sun - Sep 17 - 10:56pm:

Thanks for the high praise (not sure I did that much!). It was a great pleasure meeting you, finally. Funny, but it seemed as if it wasn't the first time. Beck and I, and the other folks who came in with us, had a great time. My hat's off to you folks for putting together such a successful run. We'll have to come up with something even bigger for next year. I guess it's my turn to try and get the Ohio contingent to get out and RIDE!!!

Thanks for the tip on the steak. It was a good one. I must admit that as midnight came and went that I was wishing we'd left a bit earlier!! Also, add this to your list of roads to ride (In the daylight!!): IN44 between US37 and I65. The map lied. It is real twisty !! See you next year (and probably sooner). DonB (& BeckyB)

Posted by DonB on Mon - Sep 18 - 10:21am: In Reply to: Re: OVERWHELMED!!! (long) posted by Dave Ritsema on Mon - Sep 18 - 07:56am:

It was a pleasure meeting you,and all the others. We managed to get home at 0130. Found out that the folks who designed IN44 WEST of 65 couldn't possibly have been the same as the eastern stretch. I'm here to tell you, maps lie!! Can't wait to run it in the daytime!! As for next year? We'll be there!

Posted by oZ on Sun - Sep 17 - 1:38pm: In Reply to: 1st Hoosier Valkyrie Ride In a Huge Success! posted by Scott on Sun - Sep 17 - 10:58am:

When you get your photos up and all that going please let me know so I can make a link from F6Rider Webzine. I'd like to link it as an article, 'cept it be on your site. F6Rider get millions of views every month and will drive quite a few eyeballs to that article. Let me know if that's ok with you... oZ

Posted by Patti ("Valeria " VRCC #6578) on Tue - Sep 19 - 00:01am: In Reply to: OVERWHELMED!!! (long) posted by Hoosier Daddy on Sun - Sep 17 - 11:16pm:

I want to thank you all for what has been one of the most memorable events of my entire life! My previous life has been one of being spooked by my own shadow, and I discover that I am one of those people who would really LIKE to have adventure, but are too frightened to do anything about it. The past couple of years have wrought a major change in me, and I like it!

I nearly had to be dragged on the Virago, and it was like flying in a biplane, exhilarating but terrifying. I was hanging on by my toenails! Then came the Vulcan, and it was a beautiful thing. It was still terrifying, but much more comfortable, like a Lear jet, more stable but still subject to turbulance. After that was the Blackbird, and after that wild ride in a stealth bomber, I was hooked.

Then came the Valkyrie...a ride on the shuttlecraft... Nothing in my life has been quite the same since. When he left for the Honda Hoot, I said "Please don't come back with obnoxious chrome exhaust pipes like a calliope! You'll change the sound of the Valk..." We had a memorable discussion about a man's God-given right to chrome, which was backed up by every other man who witnessed it.

When I returned from Indiana I realised something. I had thought that "Chrome Sickness" was gender specific....now I understand that testosterone has nothing to do with it...it's contagious! All you have to do is be around it and you catch it. I got it. "The only thing better than a Valkyrie is two Valkyries..." I can't argue with him on that. Dear God, I do love it so!

Thank you for the time and effort you spent to set up this event. I had such a good time, and the whole thing was incredible. The sight and sound of all those machines rolling along made my hair stand on end. The only thing which could have made it better was one bike with a huge loudspeaker the size of a washing machine strapped to it (like the Blues Brothers...) playing Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" as we rode away. (Yo Ho, Toh Ho-oh!)

Everyone was so nice...the sense of "FAMILY" was overwhelming! It was quite wonderful! I came away with a set of leathers (and I recall that I said I didn't want to SHOP, I wanted to RIDE!) and that purchase has changed my entire personality. Nothing like wearing the skins of dead animals to stir one's Scandinavian blood to life.(Yo Ho, Toh Ho-oh!)

I had the goosedown parka on OVER the leather jacket on the ride home to Illinois, and was very glad of it. Before we left, he said "It's going to be cold, record lows for this time of year..." but I said, "I wanna go. I'll dress warm." I am so glad I did. I wouldn't have missed this for the world! See you next time! You guys are great!

Posted by TAZ on Mon - Sep 18 - 7:42pm: In Reply to: OVERWHELMED!!! (long) posted by Hoosier Daddy on Sun - Sep 17 - 11:16pm: H.D.

Glad to hear you had a great gathering and a great turnout! Wish I could have gone but was in the midst of finalizing our MidWest Valkyrie Ride-In BARABOO TOO which is this coming weekend. I truly know the effort it takes to put on these simple yet time consuming ride-ins but the reward is seeing all the happy faces from the participants. And of course all those great bikes riding through the country side.


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