1st Inaugural Hoosier State Ride In a Huge Success!
By Scott Townsend

Who remembers that famous scene in Dune where Paul Atredies awakens after having dared to ingest (okay, drink) the "water of life"? He stands triumphantly, knowing that he is the Shaddack-something-or-other and states "Father, the sleeper has awakened!".

This is the thought that Paul Weber (HoosierDaddy) and I had as around 45 Valkyries (and 5 other bikes of various brands) from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, and Oregon gathered for the first Hoosier State RideIn featuring the awesome beauty of the Hoosier National Forest and some of the best twisties in Indiana!

Paul and I want to take a moment and thank all those that attended for helping us contribute to the growing success of the VRCC and VOAi in bringing valkoholics together to meet, slober over eachother's chrome-thingies, and participate in group riding. The HD guys in Nashville, IN didn't know what hit them when our Valk contingent cruised through town. Nearly everyone milling around this quaint town stopped and stared admiringly as we smoothly and professionally rode into town and parked.

All of us that partipated would like to thank Hal, Lamont, Oz, and others that donated stuff for us to raffle off! A big THANK YOU. My hope is that our continued thirst for chrome goodies will return many times the kindness and support you gave to our group. Thanks.

We learned so many good things on this ride, and we are planning to hold a similar event next year that will really expand everyone's enjoyment. Details will follow.

Anyway, I just wanted to personally thank those that supported the Hoosier Valkyrie website, and promise to continue to deliver more enhancements over the winter programming dulldrum. I'd like to create a page where you can post ride invitations for inpromptu rides that you or your buds are sponsoring in your part of the state! Also, I'm trying to finish programming the registration section, where you can fill-out a personal profile complete with photo of your Valk so others can begin associating your picture with who you are. A secondary benefit will be the ability to broadcast emails to Hoosier Valkyrie members in your area when you publish a Ride! Should be pretty cool stuff later this year.

I will have ride pictures posted as soon as Monday 6:00PM. If you took pictures, feel free to send them to me by using the Contact Us page on the web site. We always need more content, so if you have just done a ride (big or small), then write a short story and send some pictures and I will be more than happy to post them for you!

Ride hard, but be safe!
Scott Townsend


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