Feedback from South Haven, MI Ride on July 23, 2000.

Posted by Scott on Sun - Jul 23 - 9:39pm - Our first Michiana ride to South Haven was absolutely awesome! Despite a few mistakes on my part, the group from Goshen, IN and Michigan converged at Clementines for some great food. My initial goal for the ride was to get a dozen riders together for the 200 miles trip there and back. At first, Monte and I thought we were the only ones at the Kroger's parking lot until we stumbled on another 10 bikes for a total of 12! What an awesome statement we made as we gathered there. Our ride through some of the back roads was beautiful and I'm glad that we all got to South Haven in one piece. Can you believe it, but waiting there at the restaurant was another 8 bikes! After dinner, we found a parking lot where all of us parked and took pictures. I'm not sure that South Haven has ever seen that much chrome! What was really funny, I thought, was after the photo shoot we got stuck behind a raised drawbridge right adjacent to the Harley hangout just as a few of them were preparing to leave. I had to laugh as I politely nodded to them...they probably didn't know what the heck hit em. We had fully fifteen Valks in formation with the symphony of exhaust notes coming from our Valks almost overwhelming their puny V-Twins! What fun ;) A big THANK YOU to Monte Holmes for helping plan this event, and for taking a preliminary scouting ride with me last week. And a big THANK YOU to Richard in Michigan for helping to coordinate the Michigan folks. I hope that everyone got home safely. We learned a bunch of things on this ride, what we did right, and the things we did wrong. The next time will be better planned. Don't forget our next ride will be either Sept 16 or 17 down in Madison County in the southern part of the state. Anyway, I wish everyone God speed and safety in getting home. Sure was great to meet more Valkoholics (they were coming out of the wood work there). Ride hard, but be safe. Scott.

Posted by pumpguy on Mon - Jul 24 - 04:18am - Really enjoyed meeting everybody. My wife and I are looking forward to the next gathering.

Posted by Dave Ritsema on Mon - Jul 24 - 00:13am - Scott, GREAT job on todays ride. It was really cool to be able to put faces on some of the names I see posted on the board. It was really nice to meet all the folks today, and the sound of all those Valks together had the Harley boys looking at us a little scared. But the down side to this trip was all that chrome I saw on other peoples Valks that I just gotta have now. Thanks again, and it was really great meeting some brothers and sisters from our neck of the woods. Dave

Posted by Cruisin' Dave on Mon - Jul 24 - 00:00am - We had breakfast in South Haven around 11AM this morning on our way back from Grand Rapids! We knew about the ride, but could not stay in South Haven any later as we had to get back to Central Illinois. Glad you all had fun, would have been great to have met all of you! Cruisin' Dave & Cheryl

Posted by Dave on Sun - Jul 23 - 11:42pm - It sure was a Great Day and My wife Dena and I loved meeting all of you Please come back to West Michigan soon.

Posted by six2go on Sun - Jul 23 - 10:47pm - Scott, thank you for geting this thing off the ground in Northern Indiana. It was a great day for a ride, I was disappointed that I wasn't able to go the distance with all of you due to prior plans, however it was good to meet everyone & ride part of the route before returning to Ft.Wayne. Looking forward to more happenings.

Posted by CRUISERMAN on Sun - Jul 23 - 9:14pm - Thanks to all you guys from Indiana for inviting us Mi. guys along on your ride to Clemintines! I throughly enjoyed myself and your company,and what a beautiful day. It was my pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can join up again in the future. Dan "Cruiserman"

Posted by Dave Ritsema on Mon - Jul 24 - 00:28am - It was great to meet you all today. Kudos to Scott for planning the event. And it was really great to see so many Valks in one place! I hope to see you all again soon.


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