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Boy am I in trouble.

Posted By: RJ # 173 - SoGH <>
Date: 11/6/2001 at 15:57:44


Doctor says NO riding the Bike while taking these pills. Wife asks if I understand. I reply Yeah, but I ain't too happy about it.....So she says don't make me take your keys away from you.

Well I got home from work today, she had already left for work so I and the Valk went out for a ride.

Stopped to get gas and I'll be damned if I didn't drop the firkin key down a manhole, you know the one where they fill the station tanks... This sucker had a bottomless pit instead of the normal collar..... I suspect the key is wedged in between the ground and the fiberglass tank. Couldn't even see it down there. Well anyway, I called the son to go to the Post Office and get my extra key from MOM...... OH, is my butt in a wringer............ I had two keys made on the way home, so hopefully she will only find her's and the one new one......

What do you want to bet I'm in for a lecture tonight........... Maybe I can fake sleep.....