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Pagsta Mini Features

   Let the navigation system show you the way to any destination across town, or across the U.S.!
Easy Going:
Pick your destination, and the iWAY™ 500C automatically displays the best route, and gives you turn-by-turn directions with voice and visual guidance! And if you miss a turn, it automatically replots your route to get you back on the right track!
Easy to See & Use:
The super-bright color TFT display offers excellent viewing even in direct sunlight, while touch-screen operation puts precision navigation right at your fingertips.
Easy Streets Galore:
The built-in continental U.S. mapping features superior road detail, plus over 2 million Points-of-Interests that makes it a breeze to find your way to restaurants, gas and service stops, hotels, shopping, ATMs, and more, wherever you travel! (Premium-quality turn-by-turn digital map data provided by NAVTEQ®, a world leader.)
Easy Listening:
The iWAY™ 500C is also an MP3 (and Ogg Vorbis) player with a whopping 10GB of storage space to load thousands of tunes (from a PC) for even the longest road trip (20GB internal hard drive, with 10GB reserved for mapping detail and 10GB of storage space for music files).
Easy Come, Easy Go:
It’s totally portable, and comes complete with every accessory you need for easy navigation and music in virtually any vehicle you want to drive!
Best of All, Easy on the Money:
Compare screen, total features, and especially the low price, and you’ll discover it’s truly an intelligent choice in portable performance navigation that’s so good, you’d be lost without it. The iWAY™ 500C from Lowrance -- a leader in GPS navigation innovation since 1995.

Pagsta Mini Specifications


Technical Parameter

     L x W x H      76 in x 29 in  x 40 in
     Axle Base      51 in
     Minimum Ground Clearance      8 in
     Dry Weight      185 lbs.
     Maximum Loading Capacity      350 lbs.
     Front      2.50-17-4PR 225kpa
     Rear      4.50-12-4PR 250kpa
     Ignition Mode      CDI Electronic Ignition/Magneto
     Headlight      12V 25W / 5W
     Turn Signal Light      12V 10W
     License Light      12V 10W
     Tail Light      12 Watts
     Spark Plug      T1136 or T1137
     Battery      12V 4 A.H
     Fuse      15 A
     Engine Mode      Single Cylinder, Four stroke,
     Air Cooled Gasoline Engine
     Working Volume of Cylinder      49.5 cc or 97 cc
     Compression Ratio      8.8:1
     Idle Speed      1500 +/- 150 rpm
     Starting Mode      Kick or Electric
     Driving Form      Chain Driving
     Transmission Form      4-Gear Engagement or Automatic
     Initial Step      3.722:1
     First Gear      3.272:1
     Second Gear      1.937:1
     Third Gear      1.350:1
     Fourth Gear      1.043:1
     Final Step      2.929:1
     Spark Plug Gap      0.6 mm - 0.7 mm
     Fuel      90 Octane
     Volume of Fuel Tank      Just under 2 Gallons
     Engine Oil      15W / 40

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