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InZane 2002 is FREE to all this year!

Press Release
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July 24 2002 (Wed) through July 28 2002 (Sun)

 We were the first to start a worldwide Valkyrie Club with no membership fees or dues, and now we will be the first worldwide Valkyrie Club to try and pull off a FREE National Ride-In! We are going on our third year as a FREE club with over 16,000 members to date, so we decided to see if we could pull off a FREE Ride-In to boot. We have worked it out with Honda Direct Line to pick up the tab if we can't raise enough money with 50/50's or other voluntary ways to pay for this event. We have decided to structure this event so that it is much easier on your pocket books and cuts down on the work we have to do with trying to register 1,000 to 2,000+ crazy bikers.

The event will still have lots of great things to do with lots of vendors, but instead of including a dinner and a ride pin in a registration packet, you will be able to purchase that on your own if you so desire when you get there. What will this mean to you? Well if your a couple, you have an extra 80 bucks in your pocket when you get there. What does this mean to us? We will have a lot less work trying to keep track of everything that's going on and can spend more time having fun with you all. This will be more like what we do with our local chapter rides except with vendors, rides, bike shows, Drag Racing, Burnout Contest and whatever else we come up with, (all voluntary).

We would still like you to Register HERE so that we can get an idea of how many folks are showing up, and we would still like for you to be able to make a donation to help a needy child, and have provided a way for you to do so when you register if you so desire.

Those of you who pre-register now will receive a lanyard and name tag when you show up at InZane. There is an option for purchasing a BBQ dinner too that will only be offered to those who register now. The dinner will be on Sat. the 27th.

I hope you all can get behind the spirit of this event and help
make motorcycling history with us.

Events by time and date- Click Here

  • The Dates- The InZane Rally will be held at the same time as the Honda Homecoming, the Homecoming is less than 100 miles from InZane so you will be able to make it to both events. This year we have added one more day to the venue. The InZane Rally will start on July 24 2002 (Wed) through July 28 2002 (Sun). This will give the vendors an extra day and will allow you to spend more time with the VRCC family.

  • The Place- If it works don't fix it! That's right, the Zanesville Holiday Inn actually wants us back! Can you believe that? This will be ground zero for all the InZane events. They really took care of us last year, and they are working hard to make this an even better event in 2002!

  • Who's invited?- This is a Valkyrie Ride-in, but it is open to ALL bikes! If you have a friend that rides another bike or you have since sold your Valkyrie and are now riding something other than a Valkyrie but would still like to participate in this event, come on over, we will be glad to have ya. Direct Line (our sponsor) would all so like to invite the VTXOA and the GL1800Riders to be our guest. This is all about having a good time with other folks that love to ride. This is considered a family event so bring the kids.

  • InZane Vendors-  CLICK HERE for a list of InZane vendors who said they will be there.

  • InZane Lodging- There are plenty of great places to stay in Zanesville. Here you will find a list of camp sites, B&B's, and local Hotels.
     CLICK HERE for the list.

  • Valkyrie Bike Show- A Valkyrie Bike Show will be held at the Honda Homecoming on Friday this year. CLICK HERE for details.

  • Drag Racing!- That's right, drag racing. There will be two places this year to earn your bragging rights. One of them will be at the Honda Homecoming on the Teresi Dyno-Drags and the other will be the real deal at the National Trail Raceway
    If you like to play
    :D CLICK HERE for more information and to fill out the poll.

  • InZane Parks & Recreation Areas- CLICK HERE for a list of Parks Golf Courses Boating Canoe Rentals Hunting & Fishing Bowling Skating Swimming and all sorts of fun things to do.

  • Places to Eat- We know how you folks like to eat, so CLICK HERE to see what there is to eat.

  • More InZane Things- CLICK HERE to see all the other InZane things you can do (apart from the rally). Make sure to checkout the July events calendar when your there, most of the information is from last years event so it is not correct for this years event, but at least it is listed.

  • See who has been committed to the InZane asylum- This will be one of the few asylums that you wished they didn't let you out. CLICK HERE to add your name to the list of folks that plan on going InZane.
    This is NOT the registration form, this is only to see who is going and to provide a way for others to hook up along the way.

  • InZane Message Board- We now have a message board up so that you can start planning your rides with other VRCC members.
    CLICK HERE for the message board.

We couldn't get a Valkyrie to raffle off so we got the next best thing!
2002 Metropolitan!

That's right, there is no next best thing to a Valkyrie. If we can't go bigger and better, then will go smaller and funner (is that a word?). Anyway it may not be more fun than a Valkyrie, but it will be a kick to scoot around town and show all your friends. We hope by raffling this off we can have a little extra to help pay for this event. I know I'll be buying my share of tickets for this one. Is this going to be a fun event or what. :D

For more information contact us at InZane2002@ValkyrieRiders.com

This event is sponsored by Honda Direct Line

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