Welcome to the July 2001 Valkyrie Ride-In

The 2001 InZane Valkyrie ride in was a HUGE success by any standards. Many thanks go out to all the people who made this event what it was. The "Ride-In committee" did a great job in organizing our first national VRCC event and the help from members onsite was overwhelming. Our sincere thanks go out to all who helped in this event.

 This page is being put together so that those who made it to the Inzanity can have a place to remember the good times that were had. It will also be an encouragement to others who missed this years event, to make plans to join us in the Inzanity next year.

If you have a story or a link to your photo album that you would like to link here, send it to LaMonster Lamontconte-sm.jpg (2866 bytes) Last year we raffled off a Valkyrie and we had a drag dyno to raise money for the Pediatric Brain tumor foundation. We wound up in the red on both of those but we did still have enough left over from the registration to give them a $1000.00 check and have some seed money for this years event.

 InZane 2002 will take 5 bucks of each 4 day registration and send it to Make a Wish foundation to make sure we have a good donation for them. Hope to see ya there.

Links to the Inzanity

Special Thanks go to

Thanks to Honda of America for their support in the Valkyrie Custom show and to Charlie Keller and crew for taking time to speak to the VRCC at the opening ceremonies.

Thanks also to Louann McKeen and crew for making the Honda Homecoming a special time for all of us Valkyrie Riders!

We would also like to thank all the vendors that took the time to come out to our first national VRCC event and make it a special time for us all. Hope to see you all next year.

The Holiday Inn in Zanesville was the BEST! They really went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. Thanks again for making this a great time. See ya next year!


We would like to read your comments on your InZane experience. Please use this form to tell us about your ride to and from InZane, the time you spent at InZane, and any comments you might have on the group rides to the Honda Plant and the AMA museum, the bike show, Dyno Drags, the raffles, the band and any other things you can think of. If it is too much to list in a form format, please email me the details and any pictures and we will build a webpage for all to see here just for you. :D Big Grin If you have already posted something on the message boards, you can find that post and cut and paste it into the form here for all of us to read. At least here it won't get lost in all the other messages.

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Read the InZane Comments Here!

Here are some teaser Pics of all the fun.

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