Louisiana Valhalla Voyage 2008

As narrated by Strider


I left out of Lafayette at 8:00 am and turned Traveler north towards Alexandria - the meeting place of the Louisiana gang.

It was mid 40's and warmed up into the upper 70's throughout the day. When I left out, it was perfect chaps and light jacket temps. The sun was shining and it was one of those days that you KNEW was perfect for riding, greeting, eating and meeting.

It felt so good to be back in the saddle again, I twisted the throttle a little harder than I normally do and made Alexandria in a little over an hour.

The Valhalla Voyage package was heading out of Arkansas with Curley Wolf and was Louisiana bound.......

When I arrived at the meeting place (Shoney's in Alexandria), Green Eyed Dragon was already there and we drank a cup of coffee and waited for the others to arrive. Green Eyed Dragon had worked shift work the night before and hadn't gotten off until 5 am. He was operating on an hour or two of sleep.

Hard6 and Valkyrie John left out of Lake Charles around 8 am as well and arrived about 30 minutes after I did.

About 5 minutes later, Aurox arrived from Houston, Texas. Aurox is another of our adopted Cajuns, since he far rides to everything we put on. He had left around 5 am in 30+ deg temps and would put in almost 700 miles yesterday.  We went kickstands up and rode the hour or so to Winnfield. Curley Wolf was already there when we arrived............


Louisiana Politician Museum. It was cool.

Got to see lots of photo's and old memorabilia and got to see a wax statue of "The Kingfish" - Huey P. Long........

We also got to see a diorama of Earl K. Long giving one of his famous stump speeches.

He had his famous, "I ain't crazy" campaign buttons on.

He was made famous in the movie, BLAZE, starring Paul Newman.......

Then it was off for lunch at Uncle Earl's Pea Patch Cafe - where we would eat and hand off the package.

Then it was time to go outside and the handing over of the Voyage package.  6 beautiful bikes basking in the noon time sun!  Could not have been more perfect!

The hand-off on 3-12-2008 in Winnfield, Louisiana between Arkansas and Louisiana gang members! :D Big Grin

Life just doesn't get much better than this.

Then, it was time to head back South.  We followed Green Eyed Dragon back to Alexandria where he peeled off. Me, JP, John and Aurox continued on to Lafayette, where they turned west for home.

We stopped in Carencro on I-49 to say goodbye and give handshakes and hugs.

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