Louisiana Valhalla Voyage 2008

Part 2

As narrated by Strider

Packed the Valhalla Voyage bundle on the back of Traveler this morning, petted the critters, threw on a mesh jacket and off we went to meet up with the Mississippi Redneck Gang and pass the bundle from the Cajun Swamp rat Gang.

I gassed up in Henderson (along I-10) and called Warlock. We decided to meet in Natchez instead of Lorman, so I pulled out the trusty map and rerouted my ride up.

The day was beautiful! About 70 with 10 mph winds and gusts to 20 - perfect day for riding. Was suppose to warm up to the 80's throughout the day, so I just had a "deal's gap" tee shirt on under the summer mesh jacket.

I decided to two lane it up to Natchez and ride was wonderful!

I shot off to Cecilia and took 31 and 471 up to Port Barre and got on I-190 over to Krotz Springs. Got off of I-190 and took 105 all the way up to Simmesport.

Except for about 10 miles (where they had just filled pot holes), the road was great with really nice sweepers.

In fact it was a full day of sweepers! Sweepers in Louisiana you might ask?

Yep - remember, a lot of our roads follow a levee, Bayou or River.

(This was on 105 between Krotz Springs and Simmesport - there was about 15 miles of this road, I have never been on).

I took another road that I have never been on - 418.

Again, nice sweepers and found an antebellum home I never knew existed.

The azaleas were blooming all around this home - awesome. Road was in GREAT shape.

II took 418 till it hit 15 and 15 all the way up to outside of Natchez. Bird/Moonshine - this was the road with NOTHING on it but the flood control stuff with the nice curves along the top of the levee.

I pulled up and looked over and saw the Mississippi gang coming across the Mississippi Bridge. I didn't even have my helmet off or Traveler turned off when the gang arrived.

We were on the Louisiana side of the Mississippi.

Life is good and all is well with the universe!

4 from Mississippi and 1 from Louisiana.

The Mississippi (Warlock) and Louisiana (Strider) State Representatives for the VRCC.

The bridge connecting the two states in the background

The Gang from the great state of Mississippi!

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