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I am trying to provide a way to convert a state member list to an email list.

Save the state list and Item #3 and #4 to the same directory on your PC. Or use zip file in Item #2

Then execute the bat file. This will create a list simular to Item #1.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Download Item #2

        Zip file containing Items 3 and 4    (98 kb)(100,279 bytes)

Download Item #3

Batch file to call MemberListToEmailList.exe.

MemberListToEmailList_.bat (84 bytes)

  Download Item #4

Program to convert a State Member List HTML format to text format.

MemberListToEmailList.exe    (241 kb)(246,328 bytes)

File Formats

.bas    Visual Basic source file, in text format
.exe    Windows executable program
.ps     PostScript file
.ps.Z   compressed PostScript file, for UNIX
.tar    UNIX archive file
.tar.Z  compressed UNIX archive file
.zip    Windows archive file
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