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Okay Mo Valkryrie Riders, we need to get things going around here. Please feel free to use the message board to post any rides that you have planned. This way any members that are monitoring this board can contact you and possibly hook up with you and enjoy the rides.!!!!

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This page is dedicated to the King of POWER Cruisers, the Honda Valkyrie!!


The FAT Lady has finally sung. The Honda Valkyrie does not really have any true competition when it comes to the POWER CRUISERS. There are only a hand full of cruisers that offer the performance and comfort of this MIGHTY Dragon, and the Valkyrie is one of three offered by Honda Motorcycles.

Whether your dream ride be taking in a couple of states today or carving up your favorite backroad, the Valkyrie can fit the bill and do it comfortably not to mention quickly. For a motorcycle that is close to 700lbs wet, you will be amazed at how agile this machine becomes once it is underway.

Hopefully, through this site and the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club you will find all the links and information that you may require to make an informed decision on whether the Valkyrie fits the bill for your needs.  You may have to look pretty hard to find your very own Valkyrie since rumor has it that American Honda has discontinued the MIGHTY Valkyrie for the 2004 and ???? model years, so get one while you can and see what everyone who owns one is raving about.

Okay all you other Missouri Chapters, you need to get your Chapter Names and Member Info to me so that I can get them added to the web site, you can use the St. Louis Slayers as an example of what information I am looking for!!!

Missouri State Chapters

St. Louis Slayers- St. Louis, MO.

SEMO Dragon Riders- Cape Girardeau, MO.


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You can use this Forum below to Aid our Chapters in planning Group Rides or to just tell us about your Favorite Ride!!

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It will not be much longer! We have turned the corner and will be riding again soon. We will be posting two Missouri rides on the VRCC Webpage. The first is May 19 thru 22 and is the Branson Motorcycle Rally, always a good time. The second is the Fourth Annual "Let's Roll Mo", Sept 14 thru 19!!!!