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My New Valk! :) Smile

Posted By: Gerald Clayton <>
Date: 12/21/2001 at 08:45:38


I've got to tell you all a story. Having wanted a new Valk_IS since I knew what one was the way it happened makes for truly a great story of love and devotion!

Always picking at my wife to get a new bike, on Monday she asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Having the new Cycle World open in my hotel room I said "why donít you buy me a ValkĒ She asked me again why I was picking on her when I knew she was against it.

On Thursday as I was driving to the airport in Columbus Ohio she called me and said she need some help witnessing some documents for an invalid client in Houston (she is a estate and probate attorney) and I agreed. She also mentioned that our favorite dealer had called and mentioned that they had a Black & Tan IS on the floor. I told her to quit teasing me!

On our way to the hospital to sign the documents she suggested that we stop by and see the bike and I told her no. She turned in anyway and said she wanted to see it. As we walked in the dealer there it was sitting right at the front door.

As I walked up to the bike it had a sign on the seat which read; " I'm sold, I am just waiting for Santa Clause to deliver me to my new owner." I mentioned that it was sold and she said "Oh Well." As I walked around the front of the bike there was a Red and green ribbon bow about the size of a garbage can lid. On the Bow it read; "Happy 11th Anniversary & Merry Christmas GARY."

As my mouth hit the floor and my eyes teared up she said "I want you to have this because of all of the nice things you have done for me over the years and because I love you! All I had to do was pick out a helmet and drive away. She negotiated the deal, signed all the papers, bought an extended warranty, and insured the thing!

I want all of you to know what a lucky guy I am and I hope you all have an experience like this at least once in you lifetime.

Best regards to all and I love you Rosann!!!!! :) Smile

Ride Safe!