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2002 Event Pics

2003 Event Pics

The Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club does not charge yearly dues to support itself. Instead, support comes from member purchases of VRCC merchandise. Not only do you get some great Valkyrie-wear and goodies for your bike, you support the guys who make this all possible.
Our major sponsor is CatSpecialties and all the sponsors are listed here.

This is all about getting other VRCC members together for rides and sharing in the fellowship of the VRCC, as long as members are willing to meet as a group there can be a local chapter leader for that group. This is not a political office, this is just someone who is willing to post messages, send email or call members to get together for rides. If you are interested please send your name, handle and member # HERE.

Sherry at Artistic Stitches has the NJ-VRCC Logo!!
It can be embroidered on any of their available garmets. It is a single embroidered logo stitched right in the garment. Just the logo stitching is $15 if you send her something to stitch it on. They are not holding anything prestitched, since we have no idea of your interest, but because you are placing a custom order, you can have them add your name or handle if your interested. You may have seen Packrat and Venus wearing them!!

My thanks to Valkyrie's Graphics for many of the images on these pages!

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