Angles Crest 2003


JohnBeth.JPG (72034 bytes)

Beth and John

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Bruce and Steven

Angel Crest 01.JPG (72670 bytes)

Breakfast at Carl's

Angel Crest 02.JPG (58522 bytes)Angel Crest 03.JPG (58010 bytes)

Pathfinder and Bandit heading to Wrightwood.

Angel Crest 04.JPG (60262 bytes)

I thought it was going to be warm......

Angel Crest 05.JPG (66389 bytes)

Better put on some more layers..

Angel Crest 06.JPG (66022 bytes) Angel Crest 07.JPG (71602 bytes)

Rider meeting ... what ?

Angel Crest 08.JPG (70571 bytes)

Dennis starts his break dance.

Angel Crest 09.JPG (457626 bytes) Angel Crest 10.JPG (455991 bytes) Angel Crest 11.JPG (477442 bytes)

Getting warm time to take some layers off....

Angel Crest 12.JPG (437986 bytes) Angel Crest 16.JPG (452180 bytes)

Bandit and Ed cutting a smooth line


Angel Crest 17.JPG (453963 bytes)

Angel Crest 19.JPG (438123 bytes)
Angel Crest 20.JPG (436932 bytes) Angel Crest 21.JPG (430143 bytes)

Better put some layers back on..

Angel Crest 37.JPG (67962 bytes)

We all made it to Sue and Georges'.

Whatdad.JPG (72178 bytes)

What Dad, we weren't going to ride them

Race1.JPG (69688 bytes)

The Start

Race2SDislead.JPG (67378 bytes)

San Diego in the lead with SoCal closing fast

Sdwins.JPG (64669 bytes)

And it is a TIE!

Poorbike.JPG (63699 bytes)

Is that a new Valk?

Angel Crest 39.JPG (57383 bytes)

Steve finds a new toy

Angel Crest 40.JPG (68782 bytes)

Just how many people does it take to fix a start switch.

Angel Crest 41.JPG (62887 bytes)

Watch out for the gremlins...

Angel Crest 22.JPG (432679 bytes)
Angel Crest 25.JPG (449856 bytes)

Darn another biker down...  not from VRCC

Angel Crest 23.JPG (453072 bytes) Angel Crest 24.JPG (449545 bytes) Angel Crest 26.JPG (72830 bytes)
Angel Crest 27.JPG (75126 bytes) Angel Crest 28.JPG (74440 bytes) Angel Crest 30.JPG (67026 bytes) Angel Crest 29.JPG (69098 bytes)Angel Crest 31.JPG (59962 bytes)
Atoasttofriends.jpg (81444 bytes)

A toast to good friends

Photo by BigMac

Caughtme.jpg (73585 bytes)

What a good use for these pockets.

Photo by BigMac

JohnBethEd.jpg (85164 bytes)

I don't want to talk about any more food....

Photo by BigMac


Photos provided by Elsie and Lost4Yrs

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