California Model Desmog notes

This page should be considered as an addendum to LaMonster's desmog page, where you can find otherwise complete desmogging instructions.


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This page is to help clarify what to do with the No. 6 hoses after removal of the smog equipment on California bikes.  Several people (myself included) had very poor running if the No. 6 line was connected to the airbox.  To quote the relevnat portions of the LaMonster instructions:

There is a tube that is about 3/8" in size on both carb banks. DO NOT plug this! How do I know that? You guessed it again didn't you? This was the only big mistake I made on the whole deal....besides buying the kit that is, this is a carb vent tube, it needs to be open or not only will it not run right but when you go to pull the caps off of the back of your intakes it will puke fuel all over the place. That was my first clue I did something wrong. What I did is just swiveled it down.

Mike Tibbet (AKA GJunky) came up with the best solution.  Cap the No. 6 tee with a Purolator vent filter # B13153.  Plug the corresponding hole in the airbox.  I just jammed a vacuum cap in there.

I also removed the top set of six tubes (like the bowl drain tubes below, these tubes are a set of six that flow into a six-way tee).   LaMonster's desmog instructions call for just capping the line after the tee, (see the picture marked "plug this tube") but the whole point of desmogging is to eliminate potential vacuum leaks.  So, I removed all six lines and capped with vacuum caps.  One of the caps is visible in the closeup.

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