Who's Going To Las Vegas 


*Ed & Darcie

*Rob & Daryl

*oZ & WorkerBee

*Aunt Midge

*Justin & Shannon


*Gary D


*RottenLawton & Dottie

*Bruce & Stephen Field

*Don Asay

*Land Elephant & Shane Morse

Greg & Karen

*Torknot & Sandy

Don Huntley

*ValkRod & Linda

 *Garry & Mary Lou


*VegasShawn & Danielle

 *Yokozuna & Fukiko

 *Jeff  & Anna 

*Chuck Stein

Ed Lopez

Russ Miller

*Dennis & Tammy

*Stemnut & Mrs.Stemnut

 *George & Sue

 *Dennis & Viola


Steve Klein

 *Bill & Chadster

 *Joe & Donna

 *Len & Irene



*"Eatin Till They Explode"


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