January 24, 2009

So.Cal. Valks Ride To Barrett Junction

Ride Report& 



Well it was a cool and cloudy day but a great ride all the same.

It was a small group today, I guess the weather kept most of them at home. 9 bikes started out from the Farmhouse and we picked up BigLou at Dudleys. 2 bikes had to be somewhere else I guess and left us at Dudley. They were friends of Flybynites and had to leave. So it was just 7 bikes heading to Julian but we lost Larry and Jenny there as they were going to spend the night. Now it was down to 6 bikes going over the mountains to Barrett Junction. It was really cold going along the Sunrise Hwy. The sun did come out, although it got down to 46 degrees. Actually it only sprinkled on us a little going through Sage road. Lunch was great and since it was such a small group there was no 50/50. And to reward all the hearty soles that braved the weather SoCal  bought the lunch. After lunch Rob was heading to Arizona for some work stuff. He wanted to go down into Mexico for a bit. We suggested that he didn't but we won't know if he took our advice until we hear from him again.

That's all for now. It was a cold but good ride. See you on the next one.

Sorry I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures. Rob took some so I'll post them when he gets back.









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