January 22&23, 2011

So.Cal. Valks Ride To Laughlin a very long way! 

Ride Report and Pictures

First thing I want to say is thank you to Strawbobrob for taking and sharing the fantastic pictures. I believe he should be the official SoCal photographer.

Well I know I'm repeating myself but all I can say is that it was a fantastic ride. Thank you all for coming out and supporting our club. It makes it all worth while for me to see everyone have a good time.

We made our jump off time at 8:00am as planned and headed for Laughlin. Our first gas stop was in 29 Palms to top off all our tanks incase Amboy didn't have any gas. On the way there we manage to hit some triple digits on the old speedos.  Roads were clear and they repaved the road into Amboy and it was really nice. David Wright road his new BMW 1200RT. You could say it was a break in run. We had a new member with us for the first time. Donaldcc from Palm Desert joined us on his black tourer. It was great to finally meet him in person and I sure he enjoyed himself. Rob's friend that he met in Alaska was able to make the ride with us as well. Darrell rented a Harley Ultra Classic and it was great to have him. He even managed to keep up with us very well on it. After a brief stop in Amboy for the small tanks to top off we made our way to Kelso Station. We stayed about a half an hour or so before hitting the road  to Searchlight for lunch. Wayne, Mike S. and his son Morgan were waiting for us there. The Nugget Casino and restaurant took very good care of us. Rob and Donna helped out with the 50/50 drawing and we gave away some nice prizes. Rob was the big 50/50 winner with Don winning the bike cover, Carl and Rob winning the oil filters, John won a Valkyrie decal and I won a tire patch kit donated by Mike S..

From lunch Mike S. lead us to Hoover Dam to stop and see the sites. That new bridge is really something to look at. Lake Mead is quite low but still is a very neat thing to see. Rob had to leave us from the Dam to go to a wedding while the rest of us hit the bridge over the river toward Laughlin. Oh I forgot that Mike Hahn, Joe, Donna, John, Rich and Allen stayed a bit longer to walk on the bridge. We got into Laughlin around 5:00pm and checked in. The rest came later and we all met for dinner at Coco's in the Edgewater. The service was pretty bad at Coco's. Luckily we weren't in any big hurry. After Dinner some of us went to our rooms while others tried gambling.

Sunday morning we all met for breakfast at Coco's again. The service was much better though  and it was quite good. We split up in about 3 groups for the ride home with Wayne, Mike S., and myself going to Oatman and then back to Vegas. I must say it's a great ride to come home on a Monday morning. No traffic and the winds were calm and the air was cool. It got down to 34 degrees in Primm at 8:30am but I was prepared for the cold.

That's about it, thanks again and make your plans for our next ride in February. It will be on a Sunday  for a change.




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