Jan 19 & 20, 2013

SoCal Valks Ride To The 

 Valley of Fire


It was once again a great ride! Four of us met at our usual meeting stop at the Chevron station on the 15 fwy. John G, David, Sonny and myself left on time. It was very cool and by the time we got to Victorville to hook up with Rich W and Michael K it was in the mid 30's. Our first stop was Baker for gas and something hot to drink. It was still in the 40's at that time so we all needed the break. From there it was on to Buffalo Bill's at Primm. Wayne, Jim and Michael S met us there for the buffet lunch. We did have a little problem before we could leave though. Jim had locked his key for his bike in the trunk and it was quite a job to figure out how to get into it. We tried to call a locksmith and AAA but no one would help. After about an hour of messing with it David was able to pick it open. It did get a little damaged in the process but nothing that couldn't be fixed. So it was off to the Valley of Fire along the 15 fwy thru Vegas. With the sun getting low the shadows off the rocks were beautiful. We made a couple of stops in the park to take in the views. On the second stop John and the others surprised me with a nice card and gift  to show there appreciation of all the work I do for the club. I got a neat hat and 2 shirts with BigMacs motorcycle service on them. Thanks to all for your support.

We then made out way out of the park and into the Lake Mead recreation area. One stop at Callville Bay for a break and view before heading to the hotel. We got in about 5:30pm and went ahead and had dinner before we checked in. I was hoping to spend the weekend with Wayne and Teri but I wasn't feeling well and stayed at the hotel and came home on Sunday.

As soon as the pictures come in I will post them.

Thanks you all for yet another great day of riding.


Michael K's Pictures

Sonny's Youtube video of the Valley of Fire Ride.


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