Saturday Nite 7pm

Holiday Inn

Dinner Under the Stars

 Harley On the Barbee
 (Pig Roast)

Sodas / Coffee
Salsa & Chips & Stuff
Potato Salad  / Baked Beans / Corn
BBQ Pork & Lamb with Sauce on a Bun

Pretty Good Sized Raffle
Hey-We Had The Huge Raffle in Prescott & Were Kinda Tapped Out

How Much Will All This Cost You?   We Have No Idea!  We're Thinkin,about $8.  Could be a
little more,  could be a little less.  We Have to Buy The Pig & Talk Alan into Putting It In His Pit
BBQ.  Buy the Rest of the Stuff, to include Utensils (don't want to eat with your Hands Do You?).
Then We Have to Get it all to the Hotel in Time for Dinner and the Raffle.  You're Just Gonna Have
To Trust Us On This One.  Nobody's making any money on this meal.  Whatever it Costs Us, divided by the
number of Riders Who Sign Up for Dinner, is What It Costs You.  Since We Have To Buy Stuff Based On The
Number Of Riders Who Sign Up For Dinner, If You Don't Sign Up Ahead Of Time, Plan On Eating Somewhere Else.
  Here's the Best Part....We will be serving ourselves and cleaning up afterwards!  Everyone Works - Everyone Eats - It's Just Like Family.  Heck, It Is Family!!! 

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