Electric Clothing Vendors

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Daryl's Heated Vest is constructed using the newest technology in heated clothing, a fabric called Gorix, and made by At-Last.  Gorix fabric is a carbon-fiber electrically conductive fabric. It looks very much like black fiberglass, but each strand is electrically conductive.  A hole punched in a heating element made of Gorix won't kill the heating element, the current simply flows around the damage.  Since the current flows from the top of the heating element to the bottom, the only way to destroy an element would be to cut it in half, opening the circuit.

Three manufactures currently use Gorix in their products: At-Last and Gorix Co. They both make vests. At-Last is the minimalist version (front and back panels attached by velcro).  Gorix.co (limited prices & no pictures) lists jackets, vests, underclothing, full suit with gloves and hand muffs, but I'm not sure you can actually order anything from them.


The rest of the heated clothing manufacturers use heated wire technology.

Chilli makes a vest.

Aerostich has a vest and a liner.

BMW and HD make a vest (but the HD site was hard to get to, so the heck with them).

Kreamer makes a vest, heated glove liners, heated boot soles and lots of other stuff.

Gerbing makes a full line of heated clothing including gloves (or they will wire your own gloves for $79) and socks.

Widder makes a line of heated clothing that includes a vest with arm chaps and leg chaps.

Links to Battery Operated Everything

Extreme Comfort makes battery operated boot heaters and glove liners

Giali makes jackets, waistcoats, vests, harness, gloves, socks, trousers, grip covers

Body Warmer makes a truly bizarre total body heat strip

Kustom Komfort makes DYI heating systems for clothing

Internet BMW Riders instructions for making your own heated clothing

If you find yourself in Italy contact

If you find yourself in New Zealand contact

Good Hunting - Warm Riding

 (If you know of other Manufacturers of Heated Motorcycle clothing, drop me a line and I'll add them to the list.) 

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