February 23, 2008

So.Cal. Valks Ride To The Peterson Automotive Museum

Ride Report& 


Dave's Pics

Pics from Daryl & Rob


Boy it was a fun day! Mike did a great job setting this ride up for us.

We only had 12 of us show up with 3 riding their bikes. I guess the weather was just to intimidating for most of us and it did rain while we were eating lunch. Peterson's did a nice job of giving us the tour. Our guide gave us allot of information on the history of the cars and Los Angeles. After the tour which lasted about an hour we were left to roam the rest of the museum on our own. Upstairs there are many cars of the stars as well as a big lowrider display. We looked around until 1:30 then headed over to Sizzler for lunch. The So.Cal. VRCC paid for the entrance fee and lunch for the whole group. Buz was the big 50/50 winner with a nice $65.00 pot. Oh by the way we all got ride pins as well. Just as we were eating lunch Randy from Burbank showed up on his Kawasaki dual sport. It was quite a surprise to see him but was great that he came out in the rain to join us. I know it wasn't much of a ride but it was still great to get together.

That's it for this report and I hope to see you all next month for Oneway Wayne's ride to Vegas.

Oneway Wayne's Vegas ride.








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