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I Can't Wait To See The Blue Angels Fly!

A message from Mike (3/1) 

A meeting was held this morning and after great discussion concerning security, searches and restrictions, it has been decided that no vehicles period will be allowed in the flight line area. I'm real sorry about this but because of miscommunication the base XO was lead to believe that we were displaying our 1912-1918 Indians and Harleys (I wish) and would have them in place Friday night when it was approved. After all the fog cleared the Base decided to designate a parking lot near the flight line for Motorcycles only, you will be directed to that area, and I will meet you there. In hindsight I think this is better esp. after all the ropes we were going to have to jump through. Once they realized what I was talking about, they wanted us to come at a specific time, get totally searched, ride in on a dirt rode, push the bikes to the area assigned and stay locked in till the show is over. They are obviously not Motorcyclist! We avoid all this by parking outside the flight line. I hope you understand because of the level of security the runway plan has been scrapped. Maybe next year they say. We avoid most of this by parking outside the flight line. For those of you who plan and doing what you did last year, I wouldn't! Hee Hee! Lets have a great time.

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