We're Going to Chandler's

(no not Chandler Bing's and not Chandler, AZ) 

First Date is March 30
& There May Not Be a Second Date
(Check Out the Details Below) 


So....You say you pride yourself on being knowledgeable on all things "motive".

You went to Art of the Motorcycle at the Guggenheim, and you 

weren't all that impressed.  You even went so far as to 

catch the exhibit in Bilbao, and.... Ho...Hum...

You Still Found Something Lacking.  Las

Vegas was, well, passe....


Well, Bunky....


Here's Where We Separate the Wanna Bees from the Organoleptics!
(Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter & Look It Up!)


Think You Can Identify This Engine?

(Click on the Pic to Enlarge)


Tired of The Same Old Stuff!
How About....

Lions, Tigers & Bison!

Motor Cycles Out The Wazoo!

Like Em Rare?  This is the Only Minneapolis in Existence!

Ride the Boards!
otisboard.jpg (34026 bytes)

Like Em Classy!

Like Em Fast!


Here's The Deal


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