March 29 - 30, 2008

  Oneway Wayne invites So.Cal.VRCC to Vegas

.Ride Report


Dave's, Greg's and Jimmy's pics 

Daryl & Rob's Pics


Well the first thing I want to do is give a big Thank You to Wayne for setting this great ride up and making the hotel arrangements. I know you will all agree that Wayne did a great job.

It was a great day to ride. Wayne served up some wonderful weather and roads for us. We all meet at Buffalo Bills for a nice lunch at the Buffet. I think it was around 15 bikes total. Curmudgeon from the Nevada chapter joined us as well as a new VRCC members Doug and Helen. It was Doug's first ride with us and he emailed me and said he had a great time. Looking forward to seeing him and Helen again in the future.

After lunch we all  loaded up and Wayne lead the way to Lake Mead. A few of us even had a little fun with some roll on drag racing down hwy 93. I must say all are bikes are equal. We made a couple of stops along the way for gas and a break but the most beautiful spot was at Lake Mead. The lake was very low but nice all the same. We finally got to the hotel around 6:30 to check in and we meet for dinner at 7:30 in the buffet. They were very nice in seating us all together and it was fun. Wayne and Teri were the big 50/50 winners. It was his first time and I think it was great since he planned the ride and all.

Although the weather was great on Saturday it was a different story on Sunday. I was a cold and windy ride home. Lou, Rick, Rob and I did make a stop in Baker for a strawberry shake despite the cold though.

That's about it. Hope to see you all next month for Darkwing's Joshua Tree ride.    








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