March 21-22 , 2009

 Grand Canyon Caverns

.Ride Report



                            It was a wild ride guys!

The weather was a little iffy at times but a good ride all the same. 

4 of us meet at the Chevron station and left on time to meet up with the rest of the group along the way. Bob and Faith in Barstow and Jimmy at the first gas stop in Ludlow. The weather was good going out. Cool and clear and it got quite warm in Needles where we stopped for a break at the Dairy Queen.

Once we got to Kingman, Rob, Daryl, Wayne, Mike and his son where waiting for us. A few minutes later George and Helen arrived along with our old friend Marty Rood. We haven't seen Marty for years and it was great that he joined us for lunch. George and Helen arrived on his new Spider. That's quite a ride, he's enjoying it very much. It was wonderful to see George and Helen again. I hope we will see them again soon.  After lunch we made the 60 mile ride to the Caverns. It was quite windy and a bit cool but route 66 is a nice ride. When we arrived at the Caverns another old friend was there waiting for us. Crash has been a member since the beginning with the SoCal group but has moved to Arizona a few years ago. He looks great and is doing well and we were glad to see him again.

The Cavern tour was very  interesting and boy was it a lot of walking up and down paths. I know I was worn out after that hike. We got into Laughlin around 7:15 to check in and we all meet for Dinner at 8:30 at the buffet. It was Prime Rib night and the meal was very good. Most of us said out goodbyes after Dinner since we were making our own plans for the departure times in the morning.

We were also going to meet up with Hot Rod and Curmudgeon but they had a break down along the way. We did pass HotRod on Route 66 on the way back. He was on his way to Flagstaff. Curmudgeon stopped by after dinner for a brief visit.

Lou, John and I left at 8:00 or so because we wanted to try and beat the weather on the way home. We didn't have to much luck as we did get into it once we reached Yucca Valley.


Good ride with great people, Thanks for a nice weekend.

Come on out a join us for our next ride to Wrightwood next month.  Wrightwood Ride




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