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 River Ride Central 
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We Have A Place All Picked Out In 
 Bullhead City 

It has restrooms and everything
(well, a big bush & easy access to the river to wash)

What more could a Valkyrie Rider need?

Shade, you say....Nearby!
Rest Rooms, you say....We Got Em !
Gasoline, you say....Just Down The Street!
Something to Slake Your Thrist, you say....We'll Have It!
Plenty Of Valks & Valk Goodies to Oogle At, you say....OF COURSE!    

A Place To Rest Your Road Weary Bones & Some Shade So You Can Stop
Workin' On Your Tan For A Bit, you say....Well NOW, You're Askin For Alot,


Where is this Parking Lot of Paradise Known as 

 River Ride Central 

1251 Highway 95
River Ride Central is about a mile from the Best Western on Hwy 95.
When you get to Pass Canyon Road, you've gone too far. ( It's almost across the river from Harrah's.)    

CAT Specialties & VMC Will Be There With More Good Stuff Than You Can Shake A Valkyrie At!

& Where the 11:30
 Ride Down Main Street 

 Ride to Oatman 
Will Begin & End.


 River Ride Central 
 The Valkyrie Meeting Place! 


 Got a Suggestion on How We Should Be Doin' This - Contact the Laughlin Lads 


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