April 17-18, 2004

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SoCal Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club
on a
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Death Valley Raid

Our dragons will be riding high
 and taking no prisoners on our raid of

Death Valley!
A Dragon's View
After pilfering, scavenging the land
and taking over
Scotty's Castle

we'll find a cave for the night to scratch in.
(of course, with hot & cold running streams & queen sized rocks for everyone)

 In Beatty Nevada

Click map for Interactive map
the raid continues
entertainment, food, and celebration!

At dawn we'll return to our land, and forever hear the
fractured fairy tales of Yore, when the

VRCC dragons laid waist to Death Valley in the

Death Valley Raid

Keep an eye on the Temperature in Death Valley
If things start to heat up we'll come up with an alternative

Click for Death Valley, California Forecast

The Battle Plans!

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