April 19 2008

 Joshua Tree

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Once again another great ride today. Darkwing did a wonderful job setting this ride up for us. Thanks from all of us David.

About half of us meet at the Farmhouse for breakfast around 7:00am. I started out as a very chilly morning. Around 50 degrees and quite breezy. 10 bikes made there way up hwy 243 to the mountains with 3 more hooking up with us along the way. We has some new faces today. Robs wife Stephanie made her first ride and I believe it was her time at any distance. Stan and another Rob meet us at the 371 and 74 hwy. Stan only had his Valk a month. And would you believe it he's taller than I am. A towering 6'8". Rob was on a Shadow 1100. Elton and Eliane came on there BMW, guest Anthony on a Goldwing and Ken on his Harley.

We encountered all kinds of temperature changes along the way. We were all cold in the morning then down in Palm Springs in was in the 80's. Off came the cloths for a while until we got back up the hill at Keys view. Cool and windy once again on our way to lunch. It was also very windy on the way home along the hwy 62 to the 10fwy which is almost windy all the time.

It was a 300 mile day for me and I loved every minute. Thanks again David for all your help in making this ride possible.


Next month is the big one guys, A 3 day ride to the Grand Canyon. Please make you plans and reservations now.

Grand Canyon Ride

See ya, Dave


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