New Danish Inn

Buffet Menu



The New Danish Inn Restaurant


Smorgasbord                              Soup & Salad


This Menu is all Inclusive for $11.50, includes tax, tip and drink


Green Salad
Tossed Green Salad-Fresh Spinach Salad with Sliced Mushrooms


Salad Toppings

Julienne Carrots with Lemon Juice and Raisin Garnish-Mushrooms-Sprouts-Radishes-Kernal Corn-Sliced Cumber with red Onion-Black Olives-Sliced Tomato w/Red Onion-Julienned Beets-Peppercorn-Kosher Pickles-Sunflower Seeds-Raisons-Chinese Crispy Noodles-Banana Chips-Jack and Cheddar Cheese Shredded


Salad Dressings

Ranch-Blue Cheese-Thousand Island-House Vinagraite


Cold Salads

Greek Pasta-Italian Pasta-Chinese pasta-Pesto Pasta-Confetti Rice-German Potato-Three Bean-Black Bean-Pickled Herring-Sliced Ham-Herring with Sour Cream-Assorted Breads-Assorted Crackers-Bread Pudding-Jello-Cottage Cheese


Fruit Items

Assorted Sliced Melons-Strawberries or Berries in season-Fresh Fruit Salad-Sliced Peaches-and Pears-Ambrosia Salad-Waldorf Salad


Entrée Items

Danish Meatballs-Danish Sausage-Garlic Mashed Potato-Danish Red Cabbage-Vegetables


The New Danish Inn Includes a full bar
1547 Mission Drive-Solvang-805-688-4311

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