May 19-20, 2007

 Ride to Cambria

Ride Report& 



                   Wow what a weekend!

Sometimes you wonder if a ride can get any better, well all I can say is this is on the top ten list.

We all meet on time at the IHop and had breakfast. Kickstands came up on time and off we went. Our first stop was just north of Santa Barbara after about 90 miles. I was a bit cool and many asked what I had done with the sun. It did come out a short time later but was still cool and windy. Our second stop was in San Luis Obispo were we stopped for fuel and Dan and Paula came and meet up with us. It was their first ride with us and they said they really enjoyed it. I hope we will see them again. We made it right on time for lunch in Cambria and were just behind the Nor Cal group with Brice leading the way. Lunch was good and we needed the break . Brice then lead us up  Hwy 1 with a few stops to see the sites. Boy were there allot of Elephant seals on the beach this trip. The wind was quite strong at this stop so we didn't stay to long. I must say it was a bit of a challenge riding in that wind up 1.Bixby bridge was out next stop but a few stopped in Big Sur to get gas. I believe they paid almost $5 buck a gallon. They didn't believe me when I said they would make it to the next gas stop. From there we made one more stop before getting to out motel for a much needed rest. The restaurant next door stayed open for us so we had a great place to eat and do the 50/50. Buz was the big winner and shared his winnings with Melissa for picking his winning ticket. Melissa was a big help in the 50/50 and also counted up and divided the money for me.

Sunday we were all up bright and early for breakfast and we rolled out at 8:00am. Brice came back to ride with us to Coalinga.  Hwy 25 was fantastic. 4 or 5 of us took off and really flew through those nice twisties. The road conditions were great and I managed a 109 mph on my GPS. Rob was right behind me. I hope I didn't slow him down to much. We stopped at the 25 and 198 hwys to let the others catch up. I'm glad those that didn't feel comfortable with riding fast rode their own ride. I don't want anyone to think they have to keep up a fast pace if their not. 198 was another good road and we stopped for gas in Coalinga. I must say that 33 was a big disappointment . Mostly straight roads and not very nice country to look at. But I guess it was better than going down 5 or 99. Absolutely no traffic in either direction.  We all made one more stop at Buttonwillow for gas and Lunch at Denny's. 5 Of us went east and the rest went south after we said our goodbyes. I think next year we will do this ride again except backwards.

Well that's about it. The next ride will seem short compared to this one. It will be on June 23rd to Idyllwild.

Idyllwild the Back way.

Ride Safe,




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