May 16,17&18 2008

 Let's Ride to the Grand Canyon!

Ride Report &


                               1238 Miles!

Well that's what I rode these last 3 days. I'm sure others did much more.

First day was 410 miles with 8 bikes together running up the 15 and 40 highways. With a brief stop in Ludlow for fuel and drink we made into Laughlin almost right on time. Rob, Daryl and Harold were waiting for us at the Buffet for lunch. It was a great lunch and a much need break as it was quite warm by then. I sure it was over a 100 degrees when we left. Our next stop was in Seligman AZ for another break. Terry at that time had a flat front tire do to a broken valve stem. He did a quick fix with some contact cement which got him to Flagstaff but just barely.  I had a spare stem and he found a shop in town to get it repaired. Although he wasn't able to ride with us to the north rim the next day he did have a good time exploring the south rim. When we got to the motel Friday evening George and Helen were there to greet us. It was so nice to see them again. We sure miss them since they moved to Arizona. 

    Day 2 after breakfast we all headed out to the north rim. I had never been that way be and it was a beautiful ride. Everything went well until we stop in Jacob Lake for gas and lunch. Wayne's bike would not start back up. No power to anything. We couldn't believe it was his battery but as it turned out it was. Mike ( the Harley rider) road 30 miles into Kanab to get Wayne a new battery. About half the group went on to the rim while the rest stayed and waited for Mike. While we waited we had lunch and just hung out. Poor Mike didn't even get lunch even though we would have waited for him. He said he was good to go. The second half of us arrived at the rim just as the first half was leaving. We stayed for about an hour and hopped back on the bikes for the ride back to Flagstaff. It was absolutely beautiful with the late evening sun shinning on those red cliffs and buttes. It was another 400 plus mile day for us all.

Day 3 was the ride home. Most left when they wanted to beat the heat or for just to get back early. 5 of us left around 8:45 and took hwy 89a to Sedona and Jerome. That is a first for me as well. Some of the best motorcycle roads I have ever ridden. We stopped in Jerome for a drink and to look around a bit. Nice little mining town on the side of a mountain. Very twisty roads and it was starting to get warm by then. John had a little tip over but nothing serious and we were well on our way again. Coming down out of Prescott is when the heat really started to turn up, well over 100 degrees. Bob, Faith and Terry broke off from us on hwy 60 and 93. I'm sure it saved them lots of time by not going all the way to the 10 fwy. 3 bike left. John, Jenny, Rob and myself for the ride up the 10. We stopped in Blythe for gas and Dairy Queen with the temp at 111 degrees. Rob didn't have a cool vest and I felt sorry for him. I hope he invests in one soon as it's going to be a hot summer.

Thanks to everyone for the great ride.


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