May 29, 30 & 31 2009

 SoCal VRCC rides to Virginia City Nevada.

Ride Report &


Wild weekend!

Well once again another great ride.

Strawbobrob, BigLou, Flybynite, Joe and Donna, John and Myself left on time for a ride up the 395. We meet up with Wayne and Rick at 4 corners. Our first stop was at Pearsonville where we meet Bob and Faith and Jimmy. The weather was a bit scary with dark clouds looming over head. We all gassed up and continued our way along 395. The next stop was Bishop for some gas and a break. We were lucky so far with the rain. Just a sprinkle or so. From Bishop we made for Lee Vineing for lunch. The Mobil station on the intersection of 395 and Tioga Pass has a great lunch with more than enough to eat. Joe and Donna had to leave us from there and head back. The smaller tanks topped off and away we went to Carson City. We hit some more rain going through the Walker river canyon but not much. It also got quite cold as well. We arrived at the Motel around 5:00 and Ed, Rob and Daryl were there to greet us.

Saturday morning we all gathered at 9:00 for a short ride to Virginia City. The weather was much nicer in the morning and made for a great day. We spent around 4 hours exploring Virginia City. A couple of the group went back to the motel while the rest of us decided to take a ride up to Lake Tahoe. We hit quite a bit of rain up by the lake but it was beautiful all the same. By the time we headed down the hill the sun had come out and we dried out. A few went and got some lunch while the others went back to motel to rest. For dinner some of us went to the Fandango Casino.

We split up on Sunday morning for the trip home. A few wanted to leave early while most of us left around 8:00am. Bob and Faith left on a 2 week ride up north while Wayne, Rick and myself went west. Wayne and I made our way over Ebbets pass. I had never been over that pass. All I can say is that it was a beautiful ride with water falls and lakes along the way. Quite chilly with snow on the ground at almost 9000 feet elevation.

That's all for this report, thanks to all and hope to see you on the next ride.

Don't forget to make you plans for the June ride on the 27th.



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