May 21,22,23 2011

So.Cal. Valks Ride To Sequoia. 

Ride report



What a wonderful weekend we had with the VRCC. Great ride and great friends. And we meet some new friends as well.

We all met at the Denny's in Mojave and had some breakfast. With full tanks of gas we headed out to the 14 fwy to hwy 178. Beautiful weather followed us to Kernville for our first gas stop. It got a little exciting for a moment when this idiot cut around us on a right turn and almost hit Jimmy. We had to stop for a big rig and I pulled up next to the guy and gave him a few choice words. I hope he got the message. Once we got gas it was on to Porterville via hwy 155. This was the first time I had traveled this road and enjoyed it very much. Twisting through the mountain roads built up some of an  appetite. So the Black Bear restaurant was our next stop for lunch. 2 new friends met us there. Loner and Leatha joined us for lunch and rode with us to Three Rivers. Loner had converted 2 Valks to trikes for him and his wife. He did a nice job and we were all very impressed. I also want to mention Dick and Margo from Red Bluff drove down and rode with us. We met Dick at the Ihop last month when he joined us for breakfast. Scott Haynes had moved to Texas and was out here visiting and joined us with his brother Chris. They rented a couple of Harleys to ride with us.

After lunch it was on to Springville and over some great country roads to Three Rivers. Very twisty and quite rough at times but we all handled it well. We got into Three Rivers around 5:00am and got our rooms. Since we ate so much for lunch most of us passed on dinner and just hung out and relaxed.

When Wayne was on his way to Mojave he met a fellow on a Valk in Kramer Junction. They rode together and had lunch in Mojave. Bob was on his way to San Francisco to pick up his wife Carrie. Then they came back and joined us Saturday evening and rode with us on Sunday. They have a house in Temecula and Lake Havasu. It was great to meet them and hope to see them on future rides.

Sunday was the big ride day into the park. The weather was cool in the upper elevations. Around the mid 50's. There was snow on the ground and bears as well. We saw 4 bears in the meadows. We stopped at the General Sherman Tree for a while and some walked down to take a look. Then it was off to Kings Canyon. I think that was the best part of the trip. With so much snow and rain this year the water falls and river were beautiful. We rode all the way to the end and took a break and snacked on some goodies we had brought with us. We were told there was no food or gas in the park. After a bit we started back up the Canyon and stopped at the visitor center to say goodbye to Dick and Margo who were going on to Yosemite. It was great to meet them and we might plan a ride up there way in the future.

The ride down we took hwy 180 to hwy 245 then made a left turn on Dry Creek road. Very twisty and narrow  but lots of fun. Since there was no gas Wayne and Elmer were getting a little nervous about running out. I assured them that it would fine. Wayne went 184 miles and didn't hit reserve. It figured out to 44 miles per gallon. He said that was the best he had ever got. We got back to the motel at 6:00pm and were hungry so we met at 7:00pm at a nice mexican place just down the street. The food was good and you got allot of it for the price.

Monday it was time to hit the road and head home. I must say this was one of the best rides I've been on. Thanks to everyone that came along and hope to see you on the next one in July. It was great to meet some new friends and hopefully we will see them again in the ride to come.

Thanks to John and Elmer for the great pictures. Click on links below to view.



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