May 15,16,17,18, 2014

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So.Cal. Valks Ride To Eastern Arizona. 

Ride report




Day 1 Thursday a travel day.

It started out as an early day for me. I left my home a 5:30am to hook up with Richard W. in Victorville. From there it was off to Kingman to meet up with Wayne at the Cracker Barrel. After a short break we were off by 10:00am to the ride to Prescott. In Prescott we found 3 more riders in the form of John G, Jim D and Steve D.. After a nice lunch it was off to Peoria AZ to pick up George. He invited us into his home for some much needed water and rest. It was very warm this day hovering around a 100 degrees. It was nice to visit with Helen but she decided to stay and relax and keep cool. Next stop was our final destination for the day. It took a couple of hours to reach the hotel and it was a very warm ride. We checked in and meet up with Greg R, Rich S, Rob and Brenda and Skip and Manis. Those of us that hadn't eaten went over to Cracker Barrel for dinner. After dinner few of us got together and hung out in the lobby to visit.

Day 2 Friday taken the tour.

8am and kickstands were up and we hitting the road. Michael and Gary had to get up early and to meet up with us. They were right on time and raring to go. Our leader Ron N took us up a beautiful ride up MT Lemon. The weather was much cooler there being in the low 70s for a time. Great road and some of us took off ahead of the pack to wear down some of the side walls of our tires. Great road and views and well worth the ride up. After we regrouped at the bottom it was off to Globe and Safford. Ron had a lunch break at this nice BBQ restaurant. Ron again lead the way over some great roads and scenery to our second nite in Safford. After getting our rooms we went across the street to a nice place to eat and they took care of us very well. We sat outside for a while visiting before it was time to turn in and get some good sleep for the next day over the Devils Highway.

Day 3 Saturday.

Once again it was kickstands up at 8am for a full day. Our coal was to have Ron take us over the Devils Highway. Just getting there was a wonderful ride. We stopped by the largest open pit mines in the us. Morenci Mine has one of the largest copper reserves in the US. Pretty impressive when you look across it and see those giant trucks that look like toys. After a look see it was on for and exciting ride over the Devils Highway. Ron let those that wanted to ride a little faster than the others go ahead and have some fun. And fun we had. Even I did a little peg scraping on those twistys. We regrouped again in Alpine for the ride into Payson for some lunch. For some of us it took a little longer to meet up for lunch. Jim D decided to do some triple digits on his bike and the valve stem came loose with the centrifugal force of the speed. If you don't have a metal valve stem be sure the plastic keeper is secured on yours. Next time you have a tire change be sure to change it our for a metal. We manage to get air back in the tire and jerry rig the stem to hold air long enough to get him into Springerville. I had a spare metal Valve stem with me and we found a tire place to break the bead and install the new one. We were only about an half an hour behind them for lunch. Then it was off for a  pleasant ride toward Flagstaff. 3 from the group split off and headed for home while the rest of us got to our hotel in Flagstaff. We checked in and had a nice dinner across the street and headed for our rooms. I for one was very tired and glad to rest.

Day 4 Sunday, Time to head home or other places.

Sunday morning we all left at different times. Michael, Gary, John and myself left around 8:30 for New Mexico. We stopped at Winslow, Holbrook and Gallop to check out the sites.  It was a Sunday afternoon just 10 miles west of Albuquerque when John had a flat on his rear tire doing about 80mph. He couldn't make it over to the right so he rode it down the center median of the Hwy. He did a great job controlling the bike with a flat and going down a sandy embankment. He told me what was happening so I slowed down and drove down the median and made my way back to him. It was soft but not that bad and had no problem. Well we called a tow truck and after about an hour and a half he finally arrived. While we were waiting Michael and Gary got a hold of Chuck aka( F6 banger) and we had the bike towed to his house about 10 miles away. As we were leaving the Hwy I tried to make my way to the turn around that the State Police use to go from one side of the hwy to the other. It was about a 100 yards and I thought it would be easier than going up the embankment of the road. Well I hit some soft sand and the bike stopped and I tipped over on the right and my foot got caught under the exhaust pipe. I got the foot our right away and didn't think it was burned put just sprained or twisted. John and the tow truck driver helped me get up and pick up the bike as well. I walked around a bit and although sore I thought it was ok to ride. It wasn't until the next day that the ankle came to life and all the bruising and the burn show it's ugly head.  

 Many Thanks to Chuck for helping us get back on the road again with his air compressor and expert advice on getting the bead back on the rim.      


Ron I can't thank you enough for all the work you did into Putting this ride together. Great job. Looking forward to riding with you in the future.



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