June, 21 2008

BigLou's Ride To The Solvang Motorcycle Museum

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What a Hot Ride!   

It was hot but we had fun just the same. I think it was already 90 degrees by the time we left Ihop. BigLou did a great job setting this ride up. He bought everyone breakfast that showed up early enough to join us. Jump off time was 9:00 and we hit the road for the coast. It was a nice 82 degrees by the time we got to Oxnard. Since it was so nice we decided to stop for a break in Carpentaria for a half hour and enjoy the day and get a drink. Once we got on the road again and headed inland it really started to heat up. I believe it rose to 110 degrees by the time we made it to the museum. The air conditioning in the museum was a great feeling. We stayed about an hour to check out all the vintage bikes. Boy there sure was some beauties on display. Motorcycles sure have come a long way.

After the museum we hopped back on the bikes for lunch at the Red Barn. They did a great job taking care of us. They were very good at keeping our glasses full of drinks. Before lunch we had our 50/50 drawing. Jimmy won the  pot of $87.00. Big John Bristol won a 1/16th scale model of Valkyrie that Lou donated. Big Lou won a nice knife with the So.Cal. VRCC printed on the handle.

Once we were done with lunch it was time to get back into the heat for the ride home. At first we talked about going down the 101 to the 1 to try to stay as cool as possible. After a stop in Ventura we made the decision to just stay on the 101 and get home. It got to 111 degrees through the S F valley. Some of us had cool vests so it wasn't to bad. In Monrovia we stopped for gas and a drink. Resoaked the vests for those that had them and we were on our way once again.

15 bikes with 19 riders made it. Although it was hot it was one of the best rides I have been on and would do it again anytime. It does help to have the right stuff though.

Thanks to BigLou and everyone for making it a great day.

Make you plans now for the Central Coast ride in July. You just can't beat a ride up the coast along Hwy 1.

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