July 14, 2007

 Ride to Big Bear

Ride Report& 


Boy these rides just keep getting better don't you think!

Although it was a little warm the cloud cover helped make it a nice day to ride in the mountains. We started out with 16 bikes and 18 riders. It was a bit twisty but everyone did just great. We passed by 4 lakes on this ride. Lake Silverwood, Gregory, Arrowhead and of course Big Bear. The first stop was at Lake Gregory for a brief rest. Then we stopped at the rim to take a look down the mountain and the valley below. Once we got started again we headed over the Arrowhead and took a lap around the lake. Thank god for my GPS. I'm sure I would have been totally lost. Then it was off to Big Bear and of course more twisties. There was a bit of traffic but it was kinda fun to get around them.

We arrived at the Sizzler right on time and Wayne and Teri were there waiting for us. It was great that they came all the way from Las Vegas just to have lunch with us. I also want to mention that  Rod and Arlene came on their Valk from Victorville after towing it from Vegas. I can't blame them since it was so hot going across that desert.

After we had our fill at Sizzler we did the 50/50 drawing. The winners were Scott and Susan. I'm sorry but we ran out of tickets and so the pot wasn't as big as I would have liked.

After our goodbyes some of us went to Chaparral and I helped them spend some money.

Well that's about it. It was a great day and I'm sorry for those who didn't make it. We missed you and hope to see you on the next one.

Mark you calendars, August 18th we ride to the coast.





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